GuRL 6

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Rant of the day...

Ack ! Another report of stolen property being sold in SL. Its just so depressing, not that today wasnt depressing enough ( dont ask LOL ) but to go to the forums also and read about yet another person screwing it up for people again. Those skin makers are like magicians , especially Chip Midnight and the person that got ripped off recently, Lost Therian. I'm sure theres alot of people that prefer fully handpainted skins , I am not one of those people. I think people that hand painted clothes & skins are awesome too , and I LOVE hand painted clothes ( done well ) its just not what I care for in a skin. I love the photorealistic skins and for the people that snicker and say thats just copy and paste . Oh PUHlease. I , like most people, wouldnt know where to begin with it.. not to mention the precision it takes to execute such a flawless result. Even saying that makes me tired : LOL. Anywayz it just bites.

And then the forums.. man sometimes I really regret reading them. I never gave a flying flip about reading the forums but then I started posting products, and looking at other peoples products then finally made over to being one of those people that actually posts general. ( I know ! I never thought it would happen LOL ) I would say for the most part people on the forums are fairly constructive , some very funny, some clever, some helpful or cause you to think about something or be aware. There are then the other people that are just plain negative. They are the first people to reply to a noob with unhelpful snotty stuck up answers and act like they are doing someone a favor , a favor they hate doing. Why even reply? I will NEVER understand that, those ppl that will chime into a post just to go " what? i dont understand , speak english".. when 10 other ppl have already been smart enough to figure out what the person meant and responded and helped the person.. so theres like no need for them to even reply other than to see their name on the thread . Blah. Anyways.

I've been told by my boyfriend and many of my other friends to not look at the forums new products because it too makes me all bugged LOL... Watching people charge rediculous prices for things and that alone wouldnt bother me , to each their own , its the ones that say ONLY , its ONLY 5 million dollars for this sock, ONLY. The ones that actually go out of their way to make it sound like they are offering a bargain when they are really really offering the opposite of a bargain ( is there a word for that? ) Okay again, anyways.

Ive had a crappy day and decided to vent about these things rather than what really bothers me the most. But these things DO bother me too :P

Shiver 2.0

Today I released a second version of shiver as well as an all new pack choice for the flexi hairs. Shiver 2.0 does not have the long piece of hair that went across the chest, it also has slightly different bangs and I added alpha layers to the flexi hair in the back for a different look than the shiver. Some people prefered the long hair in front some didnt so now everyone has the option to choose YAYY lol. If you are one of those that were unhappy with the piece in front you can IM and get this version in the pack you already purchased at no extra charge. This offer only applies for the next 2 weeks so beep at me soon ! So far the flexi hair has been available in the following packs :

Sunishine Pack : Golden Blonde, Dirty Blonde, Light Blonde & creamy blonde
Heat Pack : Black , Natural Red, Strawberry & Strawberry Blonde
Seduction Pack : Black Cherry, Chesnut, Light Brown & Toast
Party Pack : Rebel ( BlackNRed), Cotton Candy , LightblondNpink, LIghtblondNblack

Shiver is also available in the following 2 new packs

Mocha Pack: Honey, DarkBrown, Wicked ( auburnNgolden), Dirtier White
Candy Pack: Candycookie (black/Dirtywhite), Candyblack (Pink/black), Candyblue3(Blue/black) & candygold (black/goldenblonde)

Demo's are available and you can also pick up an everything pack of all 24 colors for 785L

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

June has arrived!

Well today is the LAST day of May , which means the hair of the month " May " will be retiring at the end of the day. This is pretty hard for me since as you can tell if you visit my store I am such a packrat of things I make. Alot of people as they improve want to get rid of all there first things which is natural and SHOULD be done LOL. But for some reason even the first hairs I ever made in textures that were not so hot, I have a hard time letting go of them to say be gone and banished to the inventory forever and ever. But.. that is what exactly will be done with may tomarrow. June is ready to get in and take May's title , though. Its flexible and long and comes in 20 colors seperated in to 5 packs of 4. Also, besides a fancy new tin foil hat.. Dominik has a new mens flexi hair available at the store , you can check that out here. <3

Monday, May 29, 2006

Three new styles and other stuff !!

Here are my latest 3 styles.. all have flexi parts incorperated into the wig. Each come in 5 packs of 4 ( small medium and large ) added a new pack choice to the existing ones on the other flexi styles : The mocha pach - has dirtier white, dark brown, wicked mix ( elextra/goldenblonde), and Honey. Those were the requests I recieved from the last time I asked.. so keep those suggestions coming on if I am not including one of your favorite colors in the packs. Well I dont need to discontinue any hairs just yet.. I expanded the store last night , so much more room and plenty of room for new stuff which is what my problem was before. ( We'll see how long this lasts LOL ) come check it out :)

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Celebrity and stuff!!

Its FLEXI , but the flex effect are only on the whispys on the sides and back.. its very subtle but still noticable ! Added black cherry to the brown pack ( Seduction Pack ) by popular demand. 4 packs of 4 are in the store now on this style ! I am trying to rearrange its all crowded with hair again , hair hair hair busting at the seems hair LOL. Soooo something must be done !! I havent decided which hairs will be cleared out yet but somethings gotta give :P Some styles will move to the graveyard soon ... which means they will be discounted and put in a vendor behind the store, while others will just be pulled from the shelves all together and discontinued so I will give you all a heads up on that of course ! Its May 28th which means theres only 3 more shopping days to pick up the hair style called " May" before its taken out of the store. June will be released as May is removed. Celebrity hair inspired by Celebrity :P who encouraged me to make a follow up to the Milan hair and I believe this is that follow up. Flexi hair everywhere , I think were all getting a little better at it and the flexi hairs will be improving as we all get use to working with the new prims ( well new for hair use anyway :P ). My first couple ( Wiggles and Vanity ) were pretty much just checking things out. I really was happy with shiver but again hadnt quite followed the direction I wanted. I think boogie is where I started understanding things more so hopefully they will just keep getting better. I am going to relax now and just focus on creating hair that inspires me rather than just spitting out random flexi-doos. I will be trying to incorporate the new flexi feature in any style that it works in, but I am not going to be forcing them in where it just doesnt make any sense. Anyway rambled rambled and rambled on enough<3

Friday, May 26, 2006

2 new flexi-doo's

Shiver Flexi Hair

First large release of flexi hair from GuRL 6.. Available in 4 packs of 4 sm,med,lg in each and demos also available in store . There out now YAY.

Wiggle itttttt!!

MORE Flexi hair.. well I was bored and decided to give it another go tonight and came up with
" Wiggles" it is being sold in 2 seperate packs ( lights & darks ) each pack contains 5 shades in both small and large sizes .. only 125L per pack this weekend @ GuRL 6

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Flexi Hair YAY

Vanity is sold in one pack that contains small, medium and large sizes in creamy blonde with 4 bonus tints . Only 75L . Made it just for fun look for more flexi styles and regular styles coming SO soon !!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Not for sale :P Bah.

Was just goofing around tonight thought i'd try to make a wearable prim corn row braided hairstyle.. buttttt as predicted its just SOooooOO PRIMMY!! Even trying to scale back and make the braids fat I was only able to shrink this hair down to 249 prims. Yes I know that is a freaking rediculous number of prims to wear on a wig !! LOL. My hairs range on average from anywhere from 28 to 75ish in prims. So this " hopscotch" hair is way over anything I would consider selling :P. For me I think it lags :( I know theres alot of people that wear well over 249 prims in jewelry but for some reason i think that is more widely accepted than high prim hair. A live music venue might ask you to remove your 40 prim wig, but say nothing to the person wearing a 300 prim bracelets. Anyways I'm not here to change the world LOL . So I will not be placing this on sale i dont think , not real sure LOL.

Sherbert Stuff @ GuRL 6

Put out some hoodies - the black shirts are attached to the hoodies and the undershirts and prim hoods are also included for that multi layered look. I am still working on the clothing that will hit GuRL 6 later this summer but felt like putting out these hoodies to match the release of the sherbert themed kitty collars and bracelets(limes and strawberrys etc). Nice bright Fun Colors. All sold in packs of 5 , all for under 195L per pack ) Also... The pink sale is now offically over, thanks for those of you that came out to get ur pink on !! This weeks special : the Lara hairs - Lara and Lara 2.0 both on sale for just 125L.
((Hair shown is " XOXOXO" , releasesd last week @ GuRL 6 Hair Warehouse in Euphoria Island. ))

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Its warm outside !! Time to tan up those toesies!!

Just in today : Summer Sandels for 199L you get 7 pairs of these platform shoes. Colors in the pack are Pink, Black, Brown, Natural, Sky blue, Peach and Lime Sherbert ! Set feet to size 0 for optimal results with these. BYOAO ( Bring Your OWN AO theres no sexy walk in these puppies :P ) They are chunky and clunky and fun ! Oh and dominik made this kick ass new prefab great for a modern office or house !! Click here to view it on SL Exchange !!

Friday, May 19, 2006

New hair Yay!

Bullet comes in 40 colors seperated in to 8 packs of 5 each. Available now @ GuRL 6 Hair Warehouse in Euphoria Island. :) Hair ties are color change on command <3

Thursday, May 18, 2006

PINK SALE starts today @ GuRL 6

Visit GuRL 6 this weekend to participate the PINK SALE. 10 Pink packs ( that include 4 or 5 shades of pink in small and large sizes ) from a new release pillar have been placed on sale for 99L. I have also included a free bonus Dirty Pink Tee in all of the packs on sale. Look for the signs to find the pillar that has all its pink packs on sale!!! Loca, Tomboy, Vixen, Blink, Autumn, Femininity, Sidewayz, Swank, Pet & Play are the Hairstyles available in this sale !! Sale is only on through Sunday so be sure to come check it out YAY !! <3

Hugs N Kisses From GuRL 6

Some funky Ponies for your thursday morning YAY!! XOXOXO is available in the usual smaller pack release 4 packs of 4. I currently have 2 different pack set ups 1 is the mega packs in which you get 5 shades per pack and there are 8 packs to choose from. Hair that has alpha textures and things I have to do by hand I put out in the smaller releases of 4 packs of 4. If you have a favorite shade that is being excluded from the smaller release hairs please let me know and I will see about working it in !!! Small medium and large sizes for each color in each pack. I am really getting used to doing this now so its no problem to continue producing newer hair in the 3 sizes. I would really like some feedback in world or on here on which size you find least useful etc.. I wish I could get a good feel for the size that fits people best or is easiest to modify from then I could make your packs less crowded up with extra sizes. It would be so awesome if all the hair makers and all the customers could come up with some sort of head size standerdization. Problem with that though is forhead slope and all that crap still come into play so I guess it would not make much difference and adjustments will ALWAYS be necessary for some people. (( Outfit credits - Shirt from Glitterbugz, it really is one of my favorite corsettes to wear and the skirt is from torridwear and the skin im sportin' is a hosie one!! The hairties are color changable on command as usual as well !!! <3 {Packs are 195L or you can get all 4 Packs for 599L)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

3 New Releases YAY!!!! ANDD Hair Fair Group has a healthy outing.

After a lenghty discussion on Vaginosis or something in our popular hair fair group channel several of us ended up at the GuRL 6 in Euphoria Island for a relaxing game of " letschop eachothersheadsoff". The chopping thingie is still out in front of the store with a disclaimer sign
" warning this is really icky" LOL. Be sure to check it out !! I picked it up at YadNi s CRAZY TECHS Group Exhibit , its made by Gurgon Grumby. Its totally disgusting but the animations and sounds are so detailed and cool you really dont care LOL !!! NOW FOR THE HAIR YAYYY: Georgia Peach ,( Ty to Celebrity for assisting me with that name :P ) a big bushy pony with color change hair ties (( Outfit from Artilleri )). Platonic , a long straight messy style with color change baretts (( Outfit from Torridwear)). Babydoll , short messy honey buns (( Outfit from Pixel Dolls )). All 3 of these styles are sold in 4 packs of 4 and all the packs include small, medium & large sizes to fit you easier !!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

4 New Releases for Sunday !

Sold in packs of 4 each for 195L - Large , Medium and Small sizes included in each pack. Demos available in Store!!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Pink Light Specials ( LOL )

While out and about at the GuRL 6 in Euphoria Island, keep your eyes peeled for flashing pink lights. The flashing pink light indicates that particular item has been marked down anywhere from 10% to 75% off !!! There will always be one (sometimes more ) flashing light out there and it will change locations randomly ( of course by randomly I mean.. when I am online and sneak down to the store and move it around to a new spot :P ). ( Item is only marked down while the light is present ) . Just another thank you from GuRL 6 to its most valued and appreciated customers!!!

Friday, May 12, 2006

NEW HAIR YAY and other fun stuff * SALES*

Stellar Hair will be available Saturday Morning @ GuRL 6 Hair Warehouse in Euphoria Island. Hair Idea courtesy of Lexi Morgan of Stellar Designs. The hairties and beads in front are color changable and the beads in back are silver/tinfoilish . ( of course the hair is modify so you can recolor those ones two if you wish!! ) I am also wearing her new PUNK'D outfit which is soooooooOOO cute!! This hair is available in 14 colors , seperated in to packs of 2.. SMALL , MEDIUM AND LARGE sizes available in all.. 195L Or you can pick up the everything pack for 999L - Group members you know the deal 600L for you on the everything packs if you direct buy from me on Saturday !! Just message as usual ! Or request one of the packs for 150! Demos are available in store !! Also starting Saturday The " Excess" Hair series ( I, II & III) will be available on sale up front for 125L. ANDDDDDD I am also knocking 50 percent off the Tres hair variety pack for the weekend so that makes it 299!! Yay ( see entry below this one for details on that hair. )

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

"TRES" Variety Pack

Three Different hairstyles , each in 3 different shades , ALL in 3 Different sizes to fit you better- Stuffed into ONE pack for the low low price of L599. Available now at the GuRL 6 Hair Warehouse & the sky boutique in euphoria island. Sweet Pea is the super dooper short one and comes with light brown, light blonde & black. Ivy is the long wavy one with the pink bandana and it comes in Brunette ( with highlights ), Black & Lightblond N' Black Tips . Finally Shortcake is the bob hairstyle and comes with Tangerine, Pink ( CottonCandy) and Strawberry. The Three sizes it comes in are small ( 30 ) Medium ( 50 ) and large (65) . So hopefully you have some fun mixing and matching and finding an easy fit !!! (( Clothing Credits : ha !Ummm well not wearing much but : You'd have to be hiding in an SL cave to not know where the tats are from but in case you are LOL .. You can grab those at Canimal. The boooobie tape is from the indie rainbow shop.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

HAIR of the MONTH Club

Introducing a brand new feature at GuRL 6 called the " HAIR of the MONTH Club". I will be releasing a hair exclusive to each month , named after each month , that will only be available in its release month. After that it will be pulled from the shelves !! " May"shown left is selling for 195L and contains not one, not just two but THREE sizes to help fit you better. Each pack contains 5 shades and there are 8 color assortments to chose from. An optional pink hair flower and color changing headband are also included. Available now at the GuRL 6 Warehouse & Boutique in Euphoria Island. In other news I have put a 3 hairstyles at the GNUbie store in indigo for 1L. The " Boyfriend" hair, the "Superstar" hair and 3 color choices from the hair " Pout". When you meet newbies I really suggest sending them to this store , its so organized, clean and full of goodies !! (( Outfit in this ad is from Celestial Studios ))

Monday, May 08, 2006

4 NEW hairstyles will be available later today

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Dead HAIR!!

Introducing the GuRL 6 Hair Grave (unoffical name LOL), located directly behind the GuRL 6 Hair Warehouse in Euphoria Island ( on the right hand side ). 15 hairpacks ( including 1 for guys ) have been laid to rest. In order to make room for constant new releases , something had to give LOL. I will be hand picking certain hairs to send back there whenever space or prims are needed. These hairstyles have been discounted and will no longer be placed on the main sales floor.

This is completely seperate from the other weekly sale that will take place at the front of the store. The weekly sale will just be basically featuring any hair I pick to go on sale ( could be a new hair, or an older style and it will go back to the main sales floor when its sale is over).

Saturday, May 06, 2006

New Hair Releases & Other Updates

Releasing 3 new hairstyles tonight : Provoke ( Clothing in Ad by Artilleri ), Unrestricted ( Clothing in Ad by Sweet Leaf ) and Bite ( Clothing in Ad by Simone) Nothing too complex , simple styles. These are being sold in packs of 2 ( 8 packs to choose from) of course small and large sizes are included !! There are several different ways I pack hair as all of you probably notice by now lol.. but there is a method to it(At least from now on lol ) . If the hair is just a single texture I provide mega packs ( 5 per pack, 8 packs to choose from ) Specialty hair, hair involving mulitple textures I usually release them in lower doses and kind of pack them up in different ways. Everything packs are available on all of the releases tonight as well as demos. The GuRL 6 Boutique ( Future home of the GuRL 6 clothing line ) is currently a spot hosting new release hair products only. New releases are still on the main floor too. Hair is still of course my main focus but I am currently working on poses, animations , clothing, shoes , jewelry and other accessories at this time as well. So hopefully it wont all suck YAY lol.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Get Lucky tonight or maybe tomarrow :P

New Hairstyle Lucky will be available later tonite or tomarrow just finishing up boxing and stuff :) It will be 12 colors and of course the new everything pack YAY . Got a few others I am finishing up on and some manly hair headed out as well so be sure to check back for updates !!
In other news regaurding NOOB vouchers,
if you carry the box in your freebie stores or give them out regularly please contact me so that I can give you an updated New Hair for Newbies box with the correct landmarks and informational notecard thanks :)

I'm not talking about boogers

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

SneakY PeekY & How things are going

As promised heres just a lil tiny peeky of whats going on at SOON TO COME GuRL 6 Boutique. Now that the Warehouse is fully operational, me and dominik can just take our time and make something fun out of the boutique. I was so inspired by all the cute stores I visited and decided to make the boutique look more like a real store since I've never had and never will have room to do that with the Warehouse (with as many boxes as there are, its just not practical ). The boutique has several sitting areas with shelves and mirrors and lots of fun things. I must admit its really so much fun to be able to decorate and make things for a store without worrying about how I am going to place 50 bazzillion hair boxes in it. I really hope you guys will like it. We're taking our time with it so I will keep you updated on the progress :) Working on it and also hair and shoe and clothing products at the same time. The newbie program has been really rockin and keeping me busy lately , which is great.. every hair that we save from icky avatar appearance hair makes it all worth it. I had such an interesting customer that came in last night that was trying out demos to figure out which hair to pick for her free new hair. First off she IM'd me completly appauled that the demo's were green LOL. Next she IM'd to say that I had stolen her avatar hair from her and left her bald. I explain in detail... well over 30 minutes of detail .. on how to replace the bald wig with her previous one. She decided she would perhaps picket my store for charging 1 linden dollar to make her bald... LOL. AHHHHHHH customer service .. GOTTA LOVE IT !! To update lol.. she later figured out how to change back and sent me her selection card for her free hair :)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Guess Whos Been Shopping !! ANDDDD Something else too!!

I was taking a break from box stuffings last night and decided to check out the SL Fashionista Blog when I saw some cute new gear from Indie Boys are Neurotic. So I played hookie and went off on a shopping spree that lasted the rest of my evening in world and continued on when I logged back in lol . After picking up the clothing you see to the left I headed over to Pollyesthers. If you haven't been there, its filled so many adorable little shops its all retro and charming you will love it . There is even a lil mini GuRL 6 at Pollyesthers also !! Anyways after picking up some funky accessories I headed over to Deimos Boardwalk to pick up some decor for the all newwwww ( drumroll... LOL ) GuRL 6 Boutique ! DONT yell at me yet.. lol.. no we are NOT moving or changing anything at the warehouse , it will remain them same. The only difference is when you arrive at the GuRL 6 Warehouse you will have the option to Teleport up to the Boutique. This store above the clouds is going to carry all the latest released GuRL 6 hair and accessories. The Warehouse will still hold the entire GuRL 6 collection , the boutique wont change that. Just for the first week or so after items are released the will be up in the boutique. This is mostly a service to regular customers or those in the update group and those that check the forums and just want to come in and get the newest items. :) I will post some pictures up here later and let you guys know when its ready !!

Hair shown in the picture is " Lately" and you can pick up the complete 11 pack by visiting the store or clicking here to pick it up on SL Exchange. The boots are available in a quite a few different flavors @ GuRL 6 and the umbrella was purchased at Empirium Emporium .

Monday, May 01, 2006

Coming Soon : Lately

Lately will be available in individual packs and an everything pack. Colors available are: Strawberry, Strawberry Blonde, Natural Red, Light Blonde, Light Brown, Black, Chesnut, Creamy Blonde, Golden Blonde, Dirty Blonde, Toast, Cotton Candy. I picked up the outfit ( it came with the cigarette)at Nylon Outfitters the other day and I LOVE it. " Lately" will be available some time later tonight or early tomarrow as soon as I get it all packed up :)

Clothing Gets Reviewed !

Off to the left is one of my most recent outfits, Trier ( not included in the review). It is the work I am most proud of so far. I am currently working on a clothing line for GuRL 6 with a lot more knowledge and experience than the clothes that are featured today at Linden Lifestyles and shown below. The review was light and comical although I must clarify that outfits like the furr set are among the first items I created and they sell for dirt cheap and are in the back of the store for a REASON lol... also before you ask me saying what hair is that.. none of the hair shown on the model wearing the clothes for gurl 6 in the article is FROM gurl 6 :P so you will need to check with them lol . Here are the clothes that were reviewed. The Hairs shown in the pictures here are : from the top in the trier pack " Fox " in the snowbunny ad " Sprung" in the pink kitty outfit "Fleur" and in the Furr set " Student"(All available at the new location on Euphoria Island).

My HAIRy Friends

Here is me and Elika of ETD just hanging out in front of my new store in Euphoria ( both of us wearing " Elka", the latest creation from Ginny Talamasca of Dazzle). It's so great that even well after hair fair we have all maintained the same friendships and contact that we developed and got use to during the planning of the event. Everyone has stayed in the Hair Fair group and now we use that channel to just just B.S randomly LOL. I have so much respect of course for ALL the designers that participated in the event but there are a few that are just stand outs for making things fun lol . Garbage of The Random ,for instance, had the most awesome April Fool's Joke that a bunch of us from the Hair Fair group fell for. I'd include a picture of the outcome but it is just too scary for republication rofls. Anyways ! I know a lot of you might be tired of hearing us always gush about how great everyone got and still gets along but its so true !!