GuRL 6

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

7 New hairstyles @ GuRL 6

1 New Freebie Hairstyle (Nina , flexi easy tint ) available for 1L on the freebie wall up front.The other 6 new releases are located on the front 2 big purple leopard new release racks 5 of which are flexi and all 6 are easy tint. All hairstyles available in the usual 60 shades with small , medium and large sizes included in every shade in each pack. Accessories color change on command. Available now @ GuRLywood. Time for cleaning again so in the next few days I will be moving out some of the stuff on clearance so if you havent been by that clearance rack make sure you do before its gone :P Clothing worn in ads: In lately : top from Nylon Outfitters, In Liv: jacket from Canimal, In Rain: Outfit from Dazzle, In Christina and Floozie: Tops from Stellar Designs, In heartbreaker: top from Artilleri and in Nina : top from Cashmere.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Sweetheart Special @ GuRL 6

Sweetie - Flexi, easy tint and available now in GuRLywood. only 25L per pack or pick up the everything pack for 250 - now through Valentines Day . Diamond Heart on Barret is color Change on Command. Outfit in ad from Nylon Outfitters.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

2 New Hairstyles @ GuRL 6

2 new lil hairs :P Scoops is static and easy tint and Haley is flexi and easy tint with color change on command headband. Haley is very similiar to the Babe and Babetoo styles with the messy wrap in back. Outfits in the ads : in Haley Shirt is from Renegade and skirt is from Stellar Designs and in Scoops top is from Torridwear.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

New Hairstyles @ GuRL 6

Both Styles are easy tint. Gypsy is Flexi and Rosa has flexi accents added. The scarf hat on gypsy and hairties on Rosa are color change on command. 60 shades , with small, medium and large sizes in every shade included in each pack. Available now @ GuRL 6 in GuRLywood. Outfit worn in Rosa is from Naughty and Outfit worn in Gypsy is from Rebel Hope.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

2 New Hairstyles @ GuRL 6

Wild Ponies (Flexi ) and Innocent Braids (subtle flex) - both easy tint and available now @ GuRL 6 in GuRlywood. 60 shades with small medium and large sizes included for each shade in every pack. Clothing worn in ads : Sydney; top from torridwear skirt from stellar designs, Kisses ; top from renegade (this shirt is one of the ones you can pick up at gurl 6 from the table spotlight on renegade at the front of the store) Hairties are color change on command.

Monday, January 15, 2007

New Table Spotlight : Renegade

For the next 2 weeks , a handful of female clothes from Renegade by Kaejo DaSilva will be displayed on the front and center spotlight table @ GuRL 6 in GuRLywood. Very High quality, very low prices , so if you havent had a chance to check out his store yet.. the next time your in gurlywood be sure to pass by the table and take a peek ! A landmark to his main shop is also available on the table.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

2 New Hairstyles @ GuRL 6

One Wild, One Tame Both Flexi and Easy tint.. the chopsticks on runway are tintable on command . Available now @ GuRL 6 in GuRLywood. 60 Shades with small medium and large sizes included for every shade in each pack. Clothing in Ads : Runway : Top from Solange, Skirt and garters from Stellar Designs. Mya: Top from Dawning Concept.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

4 New Hairstyles @ GuRL 6

All flexi , easy tint and available now @ GuRL 6 in GuRLywood. 60 Shades with small, medium and large sizes included for every shade in each pack. Hair ties are color change on command. Thanks for Looking :) Outfits in ad , from left to right Stellar Designs, Canimal, Blaze, Maia.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

2nd Annual Hair Fair to be held April 6-14

Yep its that time again !! This years Hair Fair Organizers : Elikapeka Tiramisu, Garbage Prototype, Lost Thereian, Zyrra Falcone and myself will be getting all the details ready for you guys soon ! We learned alot from last year and plan to make it a better experience for all involved this year ! More Events, More New Releases, More space and some other special things we are still in the process of working out.

As for Hair Fair 2007, those that were invited to showcase hair in last year's event will be re-invited and recieving more details on the fair soon. If you are new to designing hair or did not make it to last years event and are wanting to participate, please just drop a notecard of interest on one of the organizers listed above include your name, store name, and a landmark to your store so that we can get you added to the list of designers recieving updates on the event.

Please note that the organizers listed above are not associated with the organization of any other similar hair events outside of Hair Fair 2007, taking place this April. There has been some confusion about a hair convention taking place this month , please note that it is completely un-related to Hair Fair 2006 and you will need to contact the people heading up those particular events for more informtion on them.

2 New Hairstyles @ GuRL 6

Topsi and Tori -- both flexi and easy tint with color change on command barrets. Available now at GuRL 6 in GuRLywood. 60 shades with small, medium and large sizes included for every shade in each pack. Thanks for looking ! The tops in both ads are from Dawning Concept.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Hairstyle & More Clearance Hair @ GuRL 6

Nia - its flexi and easy tint and available now in gurlywood. 60 shades with small , medium and large sizes in every shade included in all packs. The camo tank I'm wearing in the ad is from Torridwear.

Also- 4 hairstyles were retired from clearance this week (Socialite, Spacey, GuRL Next Door I and Cyberkitten I) and discontinued. I have added another 4 wigs to clearance , these ones are all flexi ( cherish, spite, bits and apple ) starting as low as 20L per pack.. these items will be discontinued when more hairs are placed on clearance . The clearance rack is located in the left wing of the store on a large purple star stand. Remember once an item is placed on clearance I will keep it there for at least one week.

I am just discontinuing from the clearance rack whenever i need to place more hairs on clearance so there are no set timelines on that but please check back often cause I plan to start pushing alot of hair into retirement and get the store cleaned up a little bit. Also I have bulk-packed up 36 newer static styles in the Warehouse section of the store. These complete sets include all the packs the hairstyle was available in ranging from 28- 40 shades and priced from 250-299 based on amount of shades included.

Friday, January 05, 2007

5 New Hairstyles @ GuRL 6

Available now in GuRLywood. Well I always have people saying I need some more updo's so heres 3 more ! Plus 2 Pony styles ! Before I give the details on these hairs I just wanna say how awesome my friend Leeky is. She has graciously let me use her private primland to toast my wigs so that I dont have to get shot by aliens and such in sandboxes, what a sweetie !!! All of styles are easy tint and flexi except for Sable which is static. The Clothes : In Destiny, Amy and Softly I'm wearing outfits from Canimal , in Sable its a mens suit from Casa Del Shai and finally in Tatiana I am wearing an outfit from Solange! I finally made it over to Solange this week after hearing so much about it - she really has some pretty clothes !!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Discounts

Okay in an effort to clean up the "warehouse" portion of the store (right wing ) I have boxed up 36 multipack hairs into complete packs varying from 28 colors to 40 colors per pack and set the price on those from 250-299 based on amount of colors in the packs. Some hairs have been pulled from the warehouse and into Clearance : Blink, Snotty, Jersey GuRL and Newsflash and priced from 25-75L per pack... these styles will be discontinued they have taken the spots of bubbles, squeeky and backstage pass on the clearance rack that were all discontinued tonight . Other hairs from warehouse were moved to the discount section w/ dropped price .. these hairs include Breathe and Blume. Did a little bit of cleaning up and re-arranging so that the big star displays that are in the warehouse can hold newer static releases as they are moved from the main new release floor. Sounds confusing ? LOL... feel free to IM me if your lost, I will be working on a directory as soon as I get everyhing in place where I want it to stay.. I'm going to whipping through the clearance/discontinueing process much quicker now so be sure to check that area often ! That's all for now :P

Monday, January 01, 2007

2 new hairdos @ GuRL 6

Shane - Its Flexi and easy tint . Shane is another "L Word" show inspired hair :P The color shown on the far left is actually blackwhite from the Drama pack easy tinted with "Cyan". Outfit in the ad is from Canimal. Fantasy - Big and long hair Is also flexi and easy tint with both red packs (Hotstuff & Dazzle) on sale for 50 % off. Outfit in ad including boots is from Dark Eden with sunglasses from Sinful Shades. Both styles available now in GuRLywood in the usual 60 shades and 3 sizes for every shade included in each pack.