GuRL 6

Saturday, December 30, 2006

4 New Hairstyles

**If Picture isnt showing up , just click here to view it on the forums :P** All 4 are flexi, east tint and available now @ GuRLywood. 60 Shades with small, medium and large sizes in each shade included in every pack. January is limited edition and will only be available from now til the end of January. "Dottie" has color change on command polka dots on that hair tie and is discounted for this weekend only. Thanks for checking them out. If you missed out on December you can contact me to purchase it directly from me until Dec. 31st then it no longer be available :P
Outfit Details : Deja : Top and jeans from Tres Blah, January: Top from Nylon Outfitters and Jeans from Tres Blah, Shade: Top from Fruit and finally Dottie: Top and Pants from /artilleri/. JuJu red and black bracelet bangs seen in most of the ads are from artilleri as well. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Hair

Essence @ GuRlywood ... Available now .. flexi , easy tint and in all 60 shades with small , medium and large sizes in every shade included for each pack. Its alot like one of my first flexi hairs " Rain" with more sublte bangs and a lil more flex. Outfit in ad is from /artilleri/. Also congrats to GuRL 6 employee of the month for December : Jeza May. No decembers not over but I always figure out my employee of the month with help from Staff Supervisor Isabella Lazarno, usually a few days before the end of the month and with new years coming up figured better get that out of the way a lil sooner :P Still working on the "January" hair .. remember just a few more days to pick up the "December" updo before its replaced with the January Hair. That is eet for now !

Monday, December 25, 2006

New Clearance Section @ GuRL 6

I've Placed a Giant star display stand in the sassy gear area of the store (left wing). The hair's on this display will be discontinued soon and are on clearance . Prices range from 0L to 75L with most around 25L per pack. This is in an effort to start clearing out hairs to make room for more :P Not sure when I will discontinue these, it will depend on space as more hairs are added to clearance.. others will be discontintued and so on and so forth <3 So be sure to check this space often ! Hairs included on the clearance rack: Toodles, Season, Holiday, Bubbles, Squeeky, Glam, Backstage Pass, Babydoll, Spacey, Socialite, GuRL Next Door, Cyberkitten, Ready to Wear, Charmed, JustaGuRL Remixes and A lil bit sassy.

4 New Hairstyles

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays ! 4 New hairstyles out -- 3 flexi , 1 static - all easy tint and available now in gurlywood. 60 Shades with small , medium and large sizes in every shade include in each pack ! Also remember today will be the last day to pick up the Freebie hair " Season" and "Santa Pj's" located in the center of the new releases :) The details : Marilyn 2.0 ads a lil flexi to the old style Marilyn and was completely rebuilt so its alot different , but still familiar :P Outfit in the ad is from Mistress Midnights store in Midnight City. Dana is a very short bob with fringy bangs, static . Outfit in ad is from Rebel Hope with Earrings available @ GuRL 6. Trouble is a flexi big pony tail, yet tight on the sides with mostly swept apart bangs. Outfit in Ad is a new slipdress from Nylon Outfitters. Carmen is flexi with a bushy style back , twisted and kinda tangled , color change on command baretts. Outfit in ad is from *Star Kissed* and although you cant see it.. the prim skirt on the outfit is super cute , but not only that it has an awesome sizing script.. so for those of you that cant stand resizing prim skirts your gonna love it. First of all there is 2 sizes in the pack large and small. Then once you put on the skirt you can click it and get a blue pop up menu asking you to make it bigger or smaller and you just keep selecting until you get that perfect fit. Anyways hope you all have a beautiful day. I know I say this like every other day but I so need to clean out the store of some older styles .. I have my clearance system in place but I might need room more soon that I can put things on clearance but I promise to try to announce ahead of time any styles that I'm gonna discontinue or maybe I can put them all ina vendor or something I dont know yet but ack the space is necessary lol.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Stephie Hair

Its flexi , easy tint with a color change on command headband. Available in the usual suspects of 60 shades with small medium and large sizes in every shade. Shirt in Ad is from Little Rebel and skirt from Its All Good. Another lil mention is that I've slightly altered some of the shades -- Ive made the black in the midnight packs alpha , more full.. had some ppl say it seemed a lil thinner than the other alphas so thats all evened out.. also made the red tips on the platinumred in the platinum pack a little more of a sultry red than a bright red, and darkened up the pink tips in the same pack.. Hope you like the lil upgrades ! Thanks everyone for all your suggestions , I really always keep them in mind and try to impliment them whenever possible !!

5 New Hairstyles

Available now in GuRLywood , all 5 styles are easy tint and available in all 60 shades with small medium and large sizes included for every shade in each pack. 3 styles are flexi , 1 is just gently flexible and one is static (pearl) . Pearl is (obviously:P) a pin-up girl inspired hairdo, the outfit in ad is from 1-800 Betties. JoJo is a double pony tail side but kinda crooked , one up one down , the hair ties are color change on command -- outfit in ad is from Stellar Designs. Hide is a short funky cut with a lil pony in the front , color change on command hair tie.. this one is the subtle flex-- shirt in ad is from dazzle and the glasses are from Sinful Shades. Laney is a medium lenght flexi hairstyle , turned up ina few spots around the bottom, shirt in ad is from stellar designs and the panties are from american apparel . Finally is explaination a very very messy updo that also has lots of messy hair coming down. Top in Ad is from Stellar designs. Andd thats all folks ! :P

Sunday, December 17, 2006

9 New Hairstyles @ GuRL 6

Okay so a bunch a new stuff .. yay ! 6 new hairstyles for girls, 2 new hairstyles for guys and 1 new freebie hair for girls. I finally got around to making the flexified and revamped blink thats been on a few ppl's request lists ever since the invention of flexi so I hope you guys like it ! I had to completely remake it and so hopefully I came close and didnt change too too much of the original Blink ! Tati reminds me a lil of ariel except up front is lil honey buns insteand of ponytails and the back is shorter and layered rather than uber long and woooshy like ariel. Broken is pretty subtle , a nice clean simple calm hair. Natural is yep.. a spin on " Natural Woman" I changed it so much that I didnt make it a 2.0 and rather just gave it a hint of the name since it has a hint of the flavor :P. Nicola is a conventional updo other than the fact it has an attached jeweled forehead band, I felt it made it a little more princess like but I can understand if its not something everyones ' feelin' :P Joely is a jagged and funky bob. For the men I made one short clean , good-boy hair cut (Corsa) and a lil more free and easy flexi (Hurricane). Its been so crappy lately with search being down but hopefully things are back to normal now. I've got alot going on RL these days as I'm sure alot of you probably do ... seeing as how its the holidays and all but really wanted to put out some new stuff so I hope you like it ! Or at least some of it :P If you havent gotten a chance to check out the sim " Demersal" be sure you do.. just search for it on your world map. Its a winter themed sim and alot of people have built something seasonal on it.. including me !! Look for the gingerbread house off in the distance :P I dont build things other than hair much so I hope its okay :P Anyways so much going on in SL right now and there are so many changes coming for the new year and dont count GuRL 6 out yet on some drastic changes headed to the store for the new year as well. Theres much stuff that I really need to just let go of and clean up off the floor. Ive got 3 Items on clearance right now, I think I will be adding some more soon, and remember clearance is different than the discount area... clearance is located in the warehouse section on the right side of the store and its the last stop for hair before its deleted out of my stuffed up inventory :P Anyways thats it for now!!!

The Details:

6 New ones for the girls:
*Tati (Flexi and easy tint- shirt in ad from naughty designs) *Broken (flexi and easy tint - shirt in ad from dazzle) *Natural (flexi and easy tint-shirt in ad from Luminiosity) * Nicola ( Easy tint, diamonds on the headband are color change on command, shirt in ad from dazzle) * Blink 2.0 (Flexi and easy tint - shirt in ad from CKS Designs) *Joely (Flexi and easy tint, shirt in ad from Paper Couture.

2 New for the Men :
Corsa - Static and Hurricane -Flexi

New Freebie Hair :
Lemonade - Static easy tint and available in packs of 4 for 1L (Top in ad by digit darks)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New hair @ GuRL 6

Easy tint and flexi with color change on comand barrets : Peanut - Available now in GuRLywood. 60 Shades with small , medium and large sizes in every shade included in each pack. Thanks for checking it out ! Sweater and undershirt in ad are both from Naughty Designs.

Also "Holiday"... The bob with the earmuffs.. I stuffed it behind the new release sign on the middle of the floor... behind the 2 christmas freebies.. each of the packs of "holiday" are also now on sale for just 50L per pack .

Sunday, December 10, 2006

2 new gurly hairs

Tangled Too and Jaye - Both Flexi and Easy tint.. Both available now in gurlywood ( search is still not working for islands -- so just search for gurlywood on your world map ( under region ) for a tp. 60 shades. 195L per pack of 4 shades with small medium and large sizes included in every pack . The "everything packs" on both of these styles are marked down from 999 to 299L today only-- thanks for checkin em out !

New Men's Hair @ GuRL 6 - Pop! and Snack!

New Men's Hair @ GuRL 6 - Pop! and Snack! - both come in 4 different shades per pack; 4 different packs each - Style, Dark, Light, Party. Enjoy

Just search for GuRLyWood in your Map -> Search Region (since search places is still borked grrrr...) or use this link !

Thursday, December 07, 2006

New Clearance Section

Not to be confused with the on-going "discount" section that is on the left wing of the store.. the clearance section is the last stop for hair before its completely deleted. I have placed the clearance section on a wall in the "warehouse" section of the store in the right wing of the building. Clearance hairs will be very low-priced and will be cleaned out pretty much around the same time as new hairs are released. I will update the blog with info on which hairs are being placed on clearance . Once a hair is placed in clearance I will be keeping it there for at least one week . How long it will stay on clearance will depend on my need my for space but I will at the very least keep it up a week to give anyone interested a chance to pick up before its buh-bye. On clearance now : Backstage Pass, Cyberkitten (original version) and GuRL Next Door ( original version ).

4 new ones @ GuRL 6

3 Remixes and 1 total remake - all flexi and easy tint - 60 shades available (small, medium and large sizes in every shade are included in each pack ) Teleport to GuRLywood by searching for it under region on the world map or by clicking here. CyberKitten 2.0 was totally remade with color change on command goggles . Outfit in the ad is from Stellar Designs. Dutchess Too was just remixed to include the 20 new shades, the hair was also touched up , bangs revised and more flex added. Outfit in the ad is from Dazzle. Servent Too was a request from Celeb :P to have some different bangs, so that has totally new bangs and is now available in all the shades. Outfit in that ad is also from Dazzle. Kate Too was another one mainlly redone to upgrade to all the new shades but the bangs were removed on this one. Outfit in ad from Ravenwear.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

4 new lil styles @ GuRL 6

((Problem showing pics of hair click here to see ))
3 shortsie types static and easy tint and 1 long and flexi , all 4 with 60 available shades ( Small , Medium and large sizes for every shade included in each pack ) 195L for a pack of 4 shades . 99L Sale in the Warehouse section of the store ( Right wing ) is still in progress-- extended though this weekend. Also new free holiday updo and pj's still available through december 24th. Click this link or Just type gurlywood on your world map , under region, to teleport :) Outfits -- in busy I am wearing a top from the " April " outfit by Pixel Dolls -- In cookie I'm wearing a tank from Wintermoon -- In bookworm I'm wearing glasses from Sinful Shades and sweater from CKSD-- As for Elle, the shirt I am wearing gets so many requests as to where to buy and is such a long story :P Dominik saw it in a hair ad of Garbage Prototypes.. Garbage reffered dominik to his friend Kawaii I think was her name.. and she didnt have a store but dominik got the shirt from her and I stole it from dominik so anyways lol.. thats the deal with that one :P It is a nice shirt though !!! LOL, On the hair for Elle the barette has some lil diamonds on it and the band is color change on command. The barretts in the busy hair are also color tint on command as well. I am going to have to be making some serious room in the store ... I always say this and don't do it but I am really really going to have to say goodbye to some hairstyles to make room for new. I will be sure to post here on what will be discontinued so that you have a chance to pick them up if you like.. I am thinking .. as soon as I am out of room ( soon LOL ) that i will just discontinue 1 style for each style I introduce to kind of balance it out .. but we'll see . Hopefully things in SL get better , its been such a mess lately with search down and all. It's great that the " popular places" are now searchable ... however those are mostly clubs and casinos and I feel really sorry for new ppl that don't care for clubbing or gambling and are only able to find those options :S . When I finished texturing busy today (180 wigs all together ) I kept getting all kinds of errors as I was trying to pack it .. so I relogged and when I returned those wigs were just gone :( I searched everywhere.. I cleared cache.. I relogged and I guess they just got eaten. I was really so about to cry so if you like busy and pick it up .. know alot of heartbreak went into that style rofls. I've been catching up on the series the "L" Word since its getting ready to start its 4th season.. and have been SO inspired by the haircuts on that show ! Elle was sort of inspired by Jenny when she had the really cute short hair and a lil tiny barret on it. Anyways thats all for now i've babbled long enough :P

Monday, December 04, 2006

Holiday Freebies from GuRL 6

2 Free Gifts are now located on the main floor, in the center of the new release area ,right in front of the sign @ GuRLywood - A dirty PJ set and a brand new hair "Season" ( shown in attachment ), easy tint with 24 shades in 3 sizes and a detachable hair flower. 0L and only available until Dec. 24th. If you cant use search you can just search for GuRLywood under region on your World Map for a TP ! Dirty Pj set comes with tshirt, pj pants with attachable tie-up and candy for your mouth !

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Primp - New Flexi Hair

Primp : Flexi , Easy Tint , Color Change on Command hair ties. very bouncy ! Available now @ GuRLywood - While search is down you can teleport directly to GuRLywood by searching it under region name on your world map. 60 shades with 3 sizes included in each pack in every shade. Sweater in ad from CKSD by Kit Maitland

Saturday, December 02, 2006

New Hair @ Sale Price @ GuRL 6

New Flexi, Easy Tint hair "Tara". In going along with this weekends special sale in the warehouse I decided to introduce Tara on Sale for 95 L per pack of 4 (3 sizes for every shade )or pick up the everything pack (60 shades, 3 sizes for every shade ) for just 395 L - This weekend only @ GuRL 6 in GuRLywood. Outfit in Ad is "Class President" by Kit Mainland of CKSD.