GuRL 6

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

4 new lil styles @ GuRL 6

((Problem showing pics of hair click here to see ))
3 shortsie types static and easy tint and 1 long and flexi , all 4 with 60 available shades ( Small , Medium and large sizes for every shade included in each pack ) 195L for a pack of 4 shades . 99L Sale in the Warehouse section of the store ( Right wing ) is still in progress-- extended though this weekend. Also new free holiday updo and pj's still available through december 24th. Click this link or Just type gurlywood on your world map , under region, to teleport :) Outfits -- in busy I am wearing a top from the " April " outfit by Pixel Dolls -- In cookie I'm wearing a tank from Wintermoon -- In bookworm I'm wearing glasses from Sinful Shades and sweater from CKSD-- As for Elle, the shirt I am wearing gets so many requests as to where to buy and is such a long story :P Dominik saw it in a hair ad of Garbage Prototypes.. Garbage reffered dominik to his friend Kawaii I think was her name.. and she didnt have a store but dominik got the shirt from her and I stole it from dominik so anyways lol.. thats the deal with that one :P It is a nice shirt though !!! LOL, On the hair for Elle the barette has some lil diamonds on it and the band is color change on command. The barretts in the busy hair are also color tint on command as well. I am going to have to be making some serious room in the store ... I always say this and don't do it but I am really really going to have to say goodbye to some hairstyles to make room for new. I will be sure to post here on what will be discontinued so that you have a chance to pick them up if you like.. I am thinking .. as soon as I am out of room ( soon LOL ) that i will just discontinue 1 style for each style I introduce to kind of balance it out .. but we'll see . Hopefully things in SL get better , its been such a mess lately with search down and all. It's great that the " popular places" are now searchable ... however those are mostly clubs and casinos and I feel really sorry for new ppl that don't care for clubbing or gambling and are only able to find those options :S . When I finished texturing busy today (180 wigs all together ) I kept getting all kinds of errors as I was trying to pack it .. so I relogged and when I returned those wigs were just gone :( I searched everywhere.. I cleared cache.. I relogged and I guess they just got eaten. I was really so about to cry so if you like busy and pick it up .. know alot of heartbreak went into that style rofls. I've been catching up on the series the "L" Word since its getting ready to start its 4th season.. and have been SO inspired by the haircuts on that show ! Elle was sort of inspired by Jenny when she had the really cute short hair and a lil tiny barret on it. Anyways thats all for now i've babbled long enough :P


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