GuRL 6

Thursday, December 07, 2006

4 new ones @ GuRL 6

3 Remixes and 1 total remake - all flexi and easy tint - 60 shades available (small, medium and large sizes in every shade are included in each pack ) Teleport to GuRLywood by searching for it under region on the world map or by clicking here. CyberKitten 2.0 was totally remade with color change on command goggles . Outfit in the ad is from Stellar Designs. Dutchess Too was just remixed to include the 20 new shades, the hair was also touched up , bangs revised and more flex added. Outfit in the ad is from Dazzle. Servent Too was a request from Celeb :P to have some different bangs, so that has totally new bangs and is now available in all the shades. Outfit in that ad is also from Dazzle. Kate Too was another one mainlly redone to upgrade to all the new shades but the bangs were removed on this one. Outfit in ad from Ravenwear.


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