GuRL 6

Sunday, April 30, 2006

5 NEW Releases !! Available later tonite !

Yay! 5 new hair releases. I had so much fun on these ones I think its probably my favorite group releases. Harlot, Jealousy, Lollypop, Tragic and Audrey. Audrey comes with a detachable hair ornament and the hairties on lollypop are color changable on command. All of these are available in 8 packs of 5 for 195L I have also now began ( at the urging of some *cough* celeb * cough* lol ) to sell an " everything" pack that comes with all 40 colors. This will sell for 999L. Thanks to everyone that has come out to support the new location and for those of you that have been with me from the beginning I am sorry for yet *another* move but hopefully this time its for keeps so YAYY. If you havent yet been to the all new GuRL 6 @ Euphoria Island , Please come check it out. There are several styles for sale for only 99L ( If you came friday , more were put out on saturday :P ) Anyways these new styles will be available some time tonite. I am packing the boxes as quickly as i can !!!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Yay the MOVE is DONE, etc

Finally all settled in over in Euphoria Island. This has been SO stressful! Planning to close the Warehouse in Ginny and have the other store opened within 3 days was a bit of a push but as obsessive compuslive as I am I got it all done with in a day , yay ( Thanks of course to my beautiful wonderful patient helpful boyfriend Dominik. Hes had to put up with listening to me cuss and whine for the last 24 hours lol ) So there is still the store at Ginny but its been unlisted and the NEW store at Euphoria can be found in under the find button by searching for GuRL 6 ! Urban Cowgirl, Diva Duets, Sol, and Looped Hairstyles are all on sale for 99L hopefully things will be easier for ppl to find now that there is a little bit more room. There is a mens hair department to the right of the store and a poses/animations and furniture section off to the left of the store. I really hope you enjoy the new look, its not fancy but its highly functional and open air so you can fly around without bumping ur lil heads !!! I have a few new hairstyles ready that I will hopefullly be putting out later today or tomarrow so be sure to check back :)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"Tomboy" hair released this morning

Tomboy comes in 8 different color packs , each one containing FIVE shades :) 195L

Blink Hair @ GuRL 6

Blink is available in the usual 7 packs of 4 shades each. Large and small sizes in each shade are of course included in each box :) 195L Per pack!

GuRL 6 Gets Blog-TASTIC

Okay here goes, everyone is getting a blog , has a blog, knows someone that has one or knows someone that KNOWS someone that has one so why not, eh? Announcments, New Releases, Product information , UPDATES, and just whatever else pops into my head (LOL) will end up on this page so check back ! Yay. Oh and please leave feedback & comments!!