GuRL 6

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

March @ GuRL 6

The hair of the month for March is now available at gurlywood. Its flexi and easy tint. Its a Limited Edition that will only be available until the end of March. 60 shades with small medium and large sizes included for every shade in each pack. Dress in the Ad is from DollyRock , I stumbled upon the store at the Lunar Mall , lots of cute lil dresses.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

4 New Hairstyles @ GuRL 6

Three are variations of the Melrose Style and one is a follow up to the Erin Hair with 2 Ponies in the back instead of just the one to the side. 60 Shades with small, medium and large sizes included for every shade in each pack. The Melrose sets are static and Erin 2, like the first Erin is only subtly flexi. In the Melrose Hair Ads I'm wearing outfits from KO industries ( The boytoy belt is from stellar designs) and in Erin 2 I am wearing a sweater from Naughty and Skirt from Its all good. Heart Wishbringer and Joe Stravinsky of Hearts Desire have a handful of their shoes on display this week for the Table Spotlight @ GuRLywood, if you havent seen their sexy shoes be sure to swing by for a peek ! Discussions and thoughts are underway for the inevitable rebuilding of the GuRL 6 store the store is in much need of a clean up / expansion and change of flavor. I really love it how it is now MJ and Kis did such a great job on it, but I have outgrown it slowly but surely. It will be a little while before the store is changing , but when it does get its rebuild there will be alot of changes .. the store will be way more organized and efficient (fingers crossed with hope) I'll be seeking out the opinions of the group as to which way they would best like to see the hair : A. Seperate by style regaurdless of flexi status. B Seperate by style for flexi and then again for statics (example: Flexi updos section , static updo's section etc.. etc) C. Seperate only by static and flexi and new releases and older and then catelog where the styles are located. D. Throw it all in a big pile and cry. I will need to discontinue hair at an even quicker rate that I have been . I need to at least be discontinuing hair at the rate I am producing it cos lets face it the Island isnt gonna get any bigger LOL. Anyways I am rambling :P Have a goood day !

Friday, February 23, 2007

8 New Hairstyles @ guRLywood

Finally got around to finishing these this morning and they're up and ready now at GuRL 6. 7 are at least gently flexi and 1 static ( jade) all are easy tint with color change on command accessories. From top left : Alexx (outfit by ravenwear) Scooter (tee by LF and suspenders from stellar), Gina (dress by Blaze), Jade ( dress by Dazzle), Robin ( Bikini freebie from the valentine scavenger hunt in the fabulous fashion quad), Bottom Left: Amber (outfit by Girlie), Jill (outfit again from the scavenger hunt) and finally Erin ( outfit from Paper Couture) . I seriously doubt I will do 8 at once ever ever again lol. I hadnt done so many at once since I moved up to 60 textures, and let me tell you picking up 8 hairstyles in 60 textures and 3 sizes.. is well .. alot of mouse clicks :P I whined and cried my way through it , hope you likey !!!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

New Bikini Tank Sets @ GuRL 6

I finished playing around with the tanks I was making and decided to turn them into a tank bikini set. Each set includes tank top, bikini bottoms, sarong, flexi sarong ties and foxy black shoes. An everything pack of all the colors (Bubblegum, Candy,Sunshine, LemonLime, Frosty, Citrus and Grrr). Available now in GuRLywood.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Ivana @ GuRL 6

Its Flexi and easy tint and available now in GuRLywood. The shirt in the ad is one I'm working on :P I'm playing around with some clothes and will hopefully have some new stuff out soon !The bikini bottom and sarong are from dazzle. Also I meant to mention on wednesday that this week Luve Schack of "White Rabbit" has some very sexy shoes out on the table spotlight , so next time your in gurlywood be sure to give those a peak !

Thursday, February 15, 2007

3 New Hairstyles @ GuRL 6

Tantrum 2.0, Annie and Puppe (Doll). All 3 are flexi (Puppe is subtle flexi) and easy tint with color change on command accessories. 60 shades with small, medium and large sizes included for every shade in each pack. In all 3 ads I'm wearing clothes from *Girlie* by Twilight Takakura. I am also wearing new skins by Lovey Darling from Lovey's Boutique. Lotsa fun and vibrant lipsticks to pair up with the fun and vibrant outfits of *Girlie*

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Special Gift & Special Sale @ GuRL 6 Today

Free Gift and Special Sale. Today only you can pick up the limited edition foxy valentine set containing: Hair (flexi, blonde , easy tinted pink in small , medium and large sizes), shoes, swimsuit and bracelet for free (0L) Also ***Special Pink Sale *** All sugar (pink) packs on the new release racks up front are 50 percent off.. AND.. all hair packs that have even 1 pink hair in them on the clearance rack are marked down to 10L -- Today only @ GuRLywood. Happy Valentines day !!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New Stuff @ GuRL 6

4 New wigs- All hairstyles are flexi , the updo is only flexi on the whispies , all styles are easy tint and available now in GuRLywood. New shiny black boots up also !! Malibu started out as a remix to already having 2 versions, Shiver hair but I decided to redo it entirely and make it malibu :P outfit in the ad is from stellar. Speak is really an everything style, its long , very flexy, its half updo it has corn row braids leadin up to the updo portion of the hair, its got alot going on lol top is by x 3d Beverly is a gwenny pony with color change on command hairties, outfit in ad top from celestial ( the infinikini.. awesome , awesome , awesome for having never ending choices ) and the pants are from artilleri. And finally is speak II.. which is pretty much speak without the braids and the long hair underneath the updo. Dress is from Blaze. And last but not least is a pair of boots I finally finished. Sorta shiny latex with huge chunky platformness. 135L. Also wearing the infinikini in that ad as well. Ive done some shuffling around at the store to help make room for new releases. So now in the right wing of the store, is still the hair warhouse featuring current and newer static releases but now is also housing the gurl 6 classic collection, which is my old favorite static hairs, as well as the discount hair wall and the clearance section. The clearance section does contain both flexi and static , however. In the middle of the store we still have the 2 main new release racks and then the large back/back right wall of flexi hair , but the major change is moving the newer flexi releases to the back left wall of the left wing. This gives me much much much more room to place hair once it is removed from the new release racks to make more room for other hair releases. The sassy gear stuff is staying as is and the wall that use to hold the discount stuff is now cleared out for more clothing/shoes and accessories I will be adding. Ive created a map that I will be cleaning up and making a bit more easy to read that as you can see lists all the sections of gurl 6. I am currently working on a key for that map will contain an alphabitized list of all the hair I have in stock ( updated constantly with each added release) the hair will have the section its in listed as well as row so if you come in looking for fantasy hair instead of scrambling all over you can pick up the key and find fantasy- Section C - Row 1. Hopefully this will help narrow down the search for people with a specific hair in mind.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

2 New Hairstyles @ GuRL 6

The first hair Daylight is flexi, easy tint and available in only one pack that contains black and blonde in all 3 sizes. Screw is flexi and easy tint with color change on command hairties and is available in the usual 60 shades. Both are up now @ GuRLywood. Outfits in ads: in Daylight the outfit is from stellar designs and in screw the teeshirt is from LF with a skirt from Stellar.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

4 New Low Cost Outfits @ GuRL 6

3 of the new outfits are marked at 25L and 1 of the new outfits is only 1L. Still trying to sharpen up clothings skills so here are a few little attempts (I will keep trying ! I'll have you know those freebie panties took me 3 hours to make... so I put alottta heart in those panties if that counts at all LOL) "Lil black dress" is my attempt at a satin'ish flirty dress with a sheer top and flexi prim skirt ( hair shown in ad is poetry in creamy blonde from the sunshine pack). "Cocktail "dress is another flexi prim skirt dress howevery with a tintable printed dressy tank top on that one ( hair shown in ad is Houston 2.0 in golden brown from the sultry pack)." Obey" is my venture into flexi silks, itty bitty halter top and matching panties , black with some lil squigglies that have no purpose but seemed right at the time :P ( hair shown in ad is Servent Too in blackgloss from the drama pack) and finally is the freebie "Naughty Nite" that comes with a sporty pink tee with the words "Naughty GuRL" on the front and some extremely low rise tintable panties ( hair shown in ad is rainy days 2.0 in dirty blonde from the dirties pack". 'Tis all for now !

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

6 New 69 Xpress Outfits available!

Here is a preview image of 4 examples, Racer, Camo, Pink amd Hot Pink - Also available: Innocence and Moo!

4 New hairstyles @ GuRL 6

All styles are from subtly flexi to very flexi and all are easy tint. Color change on command hairties on stevie. 60 Shades with Small, medium and large sizes included for every shades in each pack. Available now in GuRLywood. I will be adding some more hairs to clearance later today , getting some of the older versions of the new 2.0's ready to be discontinued. Outfits in ads: Rainy Days - outfit is from Paper Couture, Stevie- outfit is from Artilleri, Fierce - outfit in ad is also from Artilleri and finally in Houston - Outfit in ad is from Rebel Hope. The 2.0's on both houston and Rainy days were completely re-done with alot of changes made to both of them.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

8 new sexy shirts @ GuRLyWood!

Bewbiesssss! Yessss, that's right! We all like them. Now you can show least 65% of them...LOL...check them out in the sassy gear section! Cheers! Dom!

2 new hairs @ GuRL 6

Poetry , flexi easy tint shoulder lenthgh , full wavy hair. Poetry is a bit on the primmy side but i really wanted to try to give it a nice thickness. Also did a remix to Question 2.0 , More flexi added to the back, a few minor tweeks and updated in all the new colors . Available now in GuRLywood. Currently taking suggestions on remixes and upgraded versions, if you have a favorite style you would like to see made flexi that wasnt before, or a older flexi that you would like to see upgraded in all the new colors just send me the suggestion on a notecard and I will try to get those done in the future. Outfits in ads : in Poetry Outfit from Stellar Designs , In Question 2.0 Top from Torridwear , rest of the outfit from Stellar.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

3 New Men's Hair @ GuRL 6

New Men's Hair @ GuRL 6 - Smoke!, Sonny! & Wind! - all come in 4 different shades per pack; 4 different packs each - Style, Dark, Light and Party! It will be released later check for updates in the GuRLyWood Update Group! Cheers - Dom

Friday, February 02, 2007

3 New Hat/Hair Combos @ GuRL 6

Paige I, II & III, All three styles are flexi and easy tint and come attached with a color tint on command plaid hat . Available now in GuRLywood in 60 shades with small , medium and large sizes included in each shade in every pack. Outfits in ads : Grey Sweater dress from Encore, White tee from LF

Thursday, February 01, 2007

February Hair @ GuRl 6

Its Flexi , easy tint and available now through the end of February only . 60 shades with small , medium and large sizes included in every pack for each shade. Visit GuRL 6 @ GuRLywood to try a demo of this style . Bra and Panty set worn in Ad is from Celestial Studios.