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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New Stuff @ GuRL 6

4 New wigs- All hairstyles are flexi , the updo is only flexi on the whispies , all styles are easy tint and available now in GuRLywood. New shiny black boots up also !! Malibu started out as a remix to already having 2 versions, Shiver hair but I decided to redo it entirely and make it malibu :P outfit in the ad is from stellar. Speak is really an everything style, its long , very flexy, its half updo it has corn row braids leadin up to the updo portion of the hair, its got alot going on lol top is by x 3d Beverly is a gwenny pony with color change on command hairties, outfit in ad top from celestial ( the infinikini.. awesome , awesome , awesome for having never ending choices ) and the pants are from artilleri. And finally is speak II.. which is pretty much speak without the braids and the long hair underneath the updo. Dress is from Blaze. And last but not least is a pair of boots I finally finished. Sorta shiny latex with huge chunky platformness. 135L. Also wearing the infinikini in that ad as well. Ive done some shuffling around at the store to help make room for new releases. So now in the right wing of the store, is still the hair warhouse featuring current and newer static releases but now is also housing the gurl 6 classic collection, which is my old favorite static hairs, as well as the discount hair wall and the clearance section. The clearance section does contain both flexi and static , however. In the middle of the store we still have the 2 main new release racks and then the large back/back right wall of flexi hair , but the major change is moving the newer flexi releases to the back left wall of the left wing. This gives me much much much more room to place hair once it is removed from the new release racks to make more room for other hair releases. The sassy gear stuff is staying as is and the wall that use to hold the discount stuff is now cleared out for more clothing/shoes and accessories I will be adding. Ive created a map that I will be cleaning up and making a bit more easy to read that as you can see lists all the sections of gurl 6. I am currently working on a key for that map will contain an alphabitized list of all the hair I have in stock ( updated constantly with each added release) the hair will have the section its in listed as well as row so if you come in looking for fantasy hair instead of scrambling all over you can pick up the key and find fantasy- Section C - Row 1. Hopefully this will help narrow down the search for people with a specific hair in mind.


At 9:06 AM, Blogger CronoCloud said...

Woo Hoo! You Rock, Six!


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