GuRL 6

Friday, August 31, 2007

Just checking in !

Hi guys !! Sorry I havent updated in a few days just been a lil busy bee :P Hopefully the September hair will be on time :P it SHOULD be .. I hope !! Also in the works are full color packs for the hairstyles Rocky and Moonlight as well as a revision and color expansion of Daylight sorry its taking me so long to get those ready but 3 sizes and 60 shades of each size on styles that have to have some hands on care to each individual wig fizzles my brain a lil so I take lil creative breaks from them here and there and work on other stuff like new hairdos ! But hopefully those expansions will be ready this upcoming month. The picture above shows some of the newest styles in the store (it also features some of the new gear I was trying on from Stellar Designs). Below are a few morenew releases that are currently available @ GuRLywood .

Thats pretty much all that is going on right now other than a lil something special planned for the GuRLyWood Update Group.. Keeps your eyes open for notices on that!!! Have a great weekend everyone!!!!
Skin by Naughty
Clothing in the top 2 pictures by Stellar Designs
Clothing in the picture below from left to right is from : Solange, CKS Designs, Boing Fromage! (Top) and Stellar Designs (bottom)

Monday, August 20, 2007

2 New Hairstyles @ GuRL 6

Rumour and Ashley , Flexi and easy tint and available now @ GuRl 6 in GuRLywood. 60 shades with small, medium and large sizes included for every shade in each pack. (hairties are color change on command)

Also Shown:
Skin by Naughty worn with both hairstyles
Luckystar outfit by Stellar designs (worn in rumour)
Head Cheerleader outfit by CKS Designs (worn in ashley)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

2 New Hairdos @ GuRL 6

Isis and Renee. Both Flexi, easy tint and available now @ GuRL 6 in GuRLywood. Small, medium and large sizes included for every pack in each shade.
Worn in Ad :
Skin by Naughty
Clothes by Stellar (Renee Hair) and Truth (iSiS Hair)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

5 New Hairstyles @ GuRL 6

First of all yay thanks to those of you that participated in my lil guessing game and you all reallllly did such a great job that I am sending all of the new styles to each of you !! Now.. On to the Hair!

Bobbysocks is a special discounted edition, just 99L for the everything pack (60 Shades in 3 sizes). Also included in the pack is a bonus version 2 of the style in 20 shades. Its located on the special edition tables in the new releases area . The hair is easy tint with color change on command hairties.

The rest of the hairstyles: Infidelity , Maria and Fidelity are all flexi and easy tint and available in 60 shades with small medium and large sizes included for each shade in every pack at GuRL 6 in GuRLywood.

Skin worn in ads by Naughty
Outfits shown in ads from Artilleri (in Bobbysocks), Rebel Hope Designs (in Infidelity), Stellar Designs (in Maria), and Icing (in fidelity).

Friday, August 10, 2007

Coming Soon to GuRL 6

Finishing up some hairstyles that will be hitting the GuRL 6 in GuRLyWood soon! Heres a lil peeky at: Infidelity, Bobbysocks, Maria, Fidelity and Bobbysocks II

A lil guessing game for you:

--See if you can guess which hairs were named which:P lol first person to guess the most right on here gets the everything packs on all of these hairs when they are released! (Theres 7 pictures in the photo but only 5 styles) List from left to right and back to front :)

Have a great weekend!

Skin Worn - by Naughty --
Clothing from Stellar, Freak Fantasia, Icing, Artilleri and Pampered Princess.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

New Hairstyle @ GuRL 6

Jackie - its flexi , easy tint and available now @ GuRL 6 in GuRLywood. 60 shades with small, medium and large sizes included for every shade in each pack. Shown in honey from the dirties pack and black from the midnight pack.
Also worn in ad: Skin by Naughty, Tie and Jeans from Torridwear, Sweater from Preen.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Just a quiet ponytail.. new @ GuRL 6

Petite is easy tint with flexi touches and available now @ GuRL 6 in GuRLywood. This tame pony has color change on command hairties and comes in 60 shades with small medium and large sizes included for each shade in every pack.

Worn in ad: Skin by Naughty and Outfit by CKS Designs

Saturday, August 04, 2007

August @ GuRL 6

Sorry for the delay ... was running a little behind but the August Limited Edition hair of the month is now available @ GuRL 6 in GuRLyWood. Packs are discounted to 99L for 4 shades with small, medium and large sizes included for every shade in each pack. Hair is flexi and easy tint. Click HERE for a direct teleport to the display.

Also shown in Ad : Skin by Naughty , Top by Chic Boutique, Skirt and Garters by Stellar Designs. Hair colors displayed from left to right: Chocolate from the Diva Pack, Chesnut from the Sultry Pack, Honey from the Dirties Pack and Black from the Midnight Pack.

Friday, August 03, 2007


I've been known to be a lil flaky sometimes... okay alot of times but the hair of the month feature at gurl 6 has been on time everytime for over a year ...except for uh um.. this time:P So sorry for the delay of August it will be out very very soon I'm hussling to get it packaged.. I had it done but not ready to go !

I know that this past week there have been some issues with people having freshly purchased items disapear from their inventory.. no need to worry: just paste me your transaction information (to include transaction number, date/ time of purchase and object name) on to a notecard (you can get this by clicking on world on the top tool bar, then "account history", make sure to include your name on the card and then send it to me. I will verify your purchase and resend the item out ASAP.

Have a great weekend everyone~!!!!!

In the picture above is the new hair "Flower" and "Lola" , both recent additions to the GuRL 6 hair collection. In the photo wearing outfits from Stellar and Paper Couture with skin by Naughty.