GuRL 6

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Table Spotlight on Lixz

Again thank you Tori Heart for filling up the table spotlight for the last two weeks ! This round, Kenzie Craven of Lixz Wear has filled up the table full of cute casual clothing items. Be sure to swing by the spotlight table to see her items the next time your in the store ~!

3 New ones @ GuRL 6 !

Falling - Flexi and easy tint (outfit in ad is from Canimals ) Suspicious is also flexi and easy tint (outfit in ad is from Ravenwear) and finally the December Limited Edition is a static updo that is easy tint (outfit in ad is from Nylon Outfitters) . All 3 styles are available now in GuRLywood. The december limited edition will be taken off sale on December 31st. Today is the last day to get the November Limited hair, its already been removed from the store this morning but you can contact me in world to purchase directly until Midnight. Thats it for now :P

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Prime : New Wig

Its Flexi and easy tint and available now @ GuRL 6 in GuRLywood. 60 shades of this style : Shiny Shades, Natural Hair Shades, Dipped Shades and More.195L Per pack of 4 shades ( with small, medium and large sizes in every shade included in each pack ) Outfit in ad is from Celestial Studios.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Somthing to keep you Warm @ GuRL 6

Holiday features attached color-changable earmuffs. The hair is flexi, easy tint and available now in GuRLywood. 60 shades with small medium and large sizes included for every shade in each pack. Sweater in ad is from Preen - Skirt from Stellar Designs. Thats it for now :P

Sunday, November 26, 2006

2 New Do's

Edgy & Sasha - Both Flexi and Easy Tint. The hat on Sasha is tintable on command. Both styles are available now in GuRLywood. 60 Shades. 3 Sizes in every shade included in each package. In Edgy the outfit is from Ravenwear , In Sasha Im wearing a top from Torridwear and shorts from Stellar Designs

Saturday, November 25, 2006

New Hairdo !

Cupcake : Its flexi, easy tint and the hairties are color change on command. Available now in GuRLywood. 60 Shades with 3 sizes included in each pack for every shade. Outfit in Ad is from Stellar Designs. Okay now i go to sleep LOL.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

New Hair Yay

Its very flexi, easy tint, hairtie is color change on comand . Available now in GuRLyWood for 195L per pack of 4 shades ( small medium and large sizes are included in each shade in the packs ) Shirt in ad is a freebie one I got from the Old Pollyesthers made by Antonia Marat. Happy Turkey Day if it Applies !!! If not .. then just happy thursday :) -- Hair in Ad shown ( from left to right ) in "Sexy Red" from the hotstuff pack and "Dark Brown" and "Elektra", both from the Seduction Pack

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Simple, Long & Straight.. Satisfaction is easy tint and very flexi . Its available now @ GuRLywood. Outfit in ad is " Buckled" from Stellar Designs.. something I have not been able to take off since I put it on LOL. The candy pack which features the color black with blonde tips shown right on the picture is on special for just 85L

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Introducting Appearance Mode !

A NEW Second Life Fashion blog : APPEARANCE MODE is all about fresh perspectives and diverse views of what Second Life has to offer to your inventory ! Store Reviews, Fashion Flashbacks (oldies but goodies), New Products, Interviews, Exploring the stores and fashions in Second Life Sub-Cultures and Indepth Designer histories : Where they were then .. Where are they now .. type deallys. Me and Garbage Prototype hope to continue adding writers , we've already signed on Paisley Poindexter of House of Paisley and Mikayla Kohl of Madame Pompadour.. but as you check it out hopefully you will see more and more contributers ! It just started today but you can check it out here: Appearance Mode.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Table Spotlight on Tori's Clothing

Thanks again to Trinitee of Roxee for participating in the last couple of weeks table spotlight at GuRLywood. This round on the table we're presenting items from " Tori's Clothing" by Tori Heart. So be sure to come in a check out Tori's work on the spotlight table at the front of the store. If your new to designing or have a new product you'd like showcased at the table spotlight you can pick up an info card in store directly behind the display table. We're picking designers every 2 weeks to showcase their work in the GuRL 6 store.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

CopyBot and the consequences!

The Use of CopyBot within the realm of SL is a violation of the TOS (4.2). If we should find out that any of our products was ever cloned using this software by anyone, we will file a) an abuse report b) file a DMCA complaint with all legal consequences in the Real World! For any hints leading us to catch someone using CopyBot to copy any Products of GuRL6™ or Dominik Bauer Productions™, we will reward your efforts with L$1000 for any successful account TERMINATION of any abuser.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

New pasties released in the GuRL 6 Main Store

Hello Folks! Hard to believe! I made an US, German, UK, Canadian...yes, even a French bikini pasties set! AND I FORGOT DOWNUNDER! GuRL6 Customer Service Rep. Taylor Meness brought this to my attention and requested a set! Wish granted and released as of can find it in GuRLyWood 190,70

New Men's Hair - G6 Street!

You all saw the new release hair for women street.. well with a few touches here and there it makes a HOT style on guys too so its now available for men over in the mens building .. check out the piccy and send your boyfriends over :P

Available at GuRLyWood :)

4 New hairstyles and new skins !

Firstly the hair breakdown : Samantha is flexi and easy tint (outfit in ad from paper couture), Ariel is flexi , WHOA! very very flexi !not easy tint but it like all gurl 6 hair is fully modifiable and i've included a note on how to tint your hair yourself :P Named after a very sweet customer Ariel Winthorpe (Outfit in ad from Stellar Designers ) Street is static and easy tint ( tats in ad from canimal and bewb tape from Indie Rainbow) street is named after another really sweet customer Street Grainville .. I'd been wanting to use her name for a hair for a very long time but didnt really have a hair with enough edge to warrent the name street, so hopefully this one has it :P .. and finally Sugar Pop .. its flexi and easy tint ( Outfit in ad again from Stellar Designs, shes made a couple of these super adorable mini mini mini mini's with cute tops that I am way diggin on right now ) So thats the hair wrap up -- hope you likes ! In other news the Melanie skins by Garbage Prototype for GuRl 6 are finally up for sale in the store yay ! View the skins over here on Garbage's Blog .They are located to the right of the main enterance on the front wall . Several make up choices available and 3 skin tones to choose from. The price is so low you cant go wrong with only 500L for a beautiful photoskin. So please check those out :) Busy Busy Night.. LOL -- I gotta bad cold so i think I will just chill at least for an hour or so haha.. jk .. will chill for a bit promise :P

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Newbie Offer EXTENSION

Due to public demand I've decided to extend the new hair for newbies offer to 4 weeks instead of 2. So now anyone less than one month old can come pick out a free hair style of their choice from the hundreds available at GuRL 6 in GuRLywood. So everyone quit yelling at me :P LOL.. its not like anyone was ever refused from being passed the cut off date !!! But I will still go ahead and make the official change .. Yay ! If you are carrying any of the boxes, please be sure to Im me for the updated version thankiess !


Its flexi , easy tint and available now in GuRLyWood. 60 shades. 4 shades per pack with 3 sizes included in every shade in each pack. Sass was inspired by a suggestion from gurlywood staff manager Isabella. Outfit in ad is from Paper couture. In other news ive been working on some shoes that are making me pull my hair out :P hopefully I will finish them before i go bald !

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Cleo @ GuRL 6

Cleo, named after a customer who is always so kind and sweet: Cleo Playfair. Cleo just reached an inventory milestone aquirring her 100th hairstyle ! The style is easy tint with flexi bits and available in 60 shades with 3 sizes for every shade included in each pack. The outfit in the ad is a naughty one from Panjen.. way cute love it ! Finished up this style tonight while hanging out with Garbage Prototype and friends. Garb will be opening his Random store in GuRLywood very soon. He also has a very special surpise in store for GuRL 6 shoppers that will be coming very very soon !

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New Goodies for Mens

3 New wigs for the guys : Wobble ( Flexi ) , Focus (Static) and Zero (Flexi ) . Tried to provide a lil variety in this release, 1 for the preppy guys , 1 for the long haired rocker guys , and one for the guy with an edge :P Hope you likey.. make sure to drag your boyfriends to the all new mens building at GuRLywood .. its right at the landing point ! Really trying to get that mens building loaded up with a variety of mens styles , its allready got quite a few to choose from ! If your man needs help sizing his noggin right for the hair and has difficulty adjusting prims, feel free to IM myself or Dominik Bauer for a modifiable version of the mens shape the hair was built on so have a look see at the head numbers for easier quicker adjustments !

New Wig !

Anchor Woman - its flexi , easy tint and available now @ GuRLywood. Outfit in ad is from celestial studios and earings are from gurl 6 and available in the sassy gear area ( the diamonds are color change on command. ) Just a lil FYI on the flow of the store.. when items are cleared from the new releases area.. if they are flexi they are put on the back wall , the flexi wall.. and placed on the top row available. So if you are late getting to a new release and dont find it on one of the two new release racks , it will be up there :). For non flexi hairstyles they are moved over to the hair warehouse section ( right wing of the store. ) Also just a reminder that we brought the discount building inside the store to the left side of the sassy gear area ( left wing of the store ) there are both flex and static styles there , most, if not all.. are under 100L , many are 50L. Thats it for now :P

Monday, November 06, 2006

4 New styles @ GuRL 6

Lark, Impulse and Snowballs are all Flexi , Scrappy is Static. All 4 styles are easy tint and the lil puff balls on snowball and the headband on lark are color change on command. 60 Shades sold in packs of 4 each with small,medium and large sizes included in all shades in every pack. Available now @ GuRLyWood. Outfits in ads : Lark - Outfit from Luminosity / Scrappy - Outfit in ad from Lucid (also available in gurl 6 in the sassy gear area )/ Impulse - Outfit in ad from Paper Couture/Snowballs- Outfit in ad from LF. Thats it for now ! :)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Van Dyke For Men @ GuRL 6

Van Dyke is a simple pony for a simple guy not into all the bells and whitles and foofoo fluffies !! Its very very flexi and comes in 16 shades, will be available within the hour at the all new mens building in gurlywood right at the landing point.. its big its blue cant miss it !!

Balls of Hair

Oh yes I did :P Balls of hair is available now @ GuRLywood in 60 shades. Its flexi and easy tint ! Outfit in ad is one of my most favoritist outfits from Ravenwear.. I love to pair it up with my GuRL of the future boots and it all seems to just mix well with this big fun hair. The tatoo on my back is called backstars and also available at gurlywood in the sassy gear area, its tintable so you can match it to whatever you like . I had dominik make it just for me but I figured maybe someone else will like it ! Oh and I cant take full credit for the name of this hair LOL. Blame Danny !

Friday, November 03, 2006

heather !

Its flexi & easy tint , and kinda "that 70's show " inspired LOL:P Available now @ GuRLywood . 60 shades of heather available now in packs of 4 each with small, medium and large sizes included in each pack. Top in Ad is from Lucid and Jeans are from Mischief. This hair severely traumatized me so I hope you like it .. LOL. Man last night I finished the hair in all 60 textures in all 3 sizes thats 180 hairs I textured, picked up off the ground and boxed... THEN when taking the pictures I noticed one of the bangs wasnt the way I wanted so fixed and did it ALL OVER AGAIN * Cries * It's always bad when you catch something you don't like after going through all that .. I usually wear a hair around for a few hours after making it to make sure everything is just how I want it before texturing and boxing but ack.. live and learn :P LOL

Thursday, November 02, 2006

GuRLywood Weather Report

Its Windy : Flexi , easy tint and available now in all 60 shades. This style is a bit more blowy and fluffy with the flexi than usual. It also has black baretts decorated with lil cherries on them. I really hope you like them ! Outfit in ad is by Roxee , the current spotlight designer at GuRL 6 . Prominant green bracelet in the second pic.. from Shiny Things.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fun with Chantal Hair !

It is always makes your day when someone tells you that they feel pretty in something you threw together and every now and then customers and or friends will take a picture of themselves in a hair to show me how well they make it look ! And I so love getting those pictures its fun to see the hair take on a whole new life on someone elses avatar , with their own style putting a spin to the overall look. Heres a few of the pictures that were sent in on the Chantal hair and they all look so dang cute in it! Roslin made it look Classy, Celeb made it look elegant, and Taylor made it look sexy and flirty especially with that flower she added!

Spotlight on ROXEE

I'm very happy to announce the second table spotlight at GuRL 6. For the next 2 weeks when you are in the store you can view 4 fabulous outfits by Trinitee Trilam for her brand Roxee. The prices are great and the clothing is awesome ! Be sure to take a look when you visit , the spotlight table is located to the right of the main enterence. Thanks again to Tymber Donavon our first table spotlight designer I hope you all had the chance to see her items, if you missed out you can go see her entire collection at Brand 71 in the Awesometastic Sim.

GuRLywood .. it's not just for Girls !

2 New mens styles are being put up right now by Dominik as I type this.. Pydna and Simple man both short cuts. We have also added 4 new shades the mens line (blackgloss, milk, blackred and blackwithblondetips ) bringing the total to 16 shades for the men. The mens line is growing constantly and we've accumulated quite alot of mens hair .. enough that were considering giving men their own spot across from the main gurl 6 behind that bus stop. So that may be comingup soon. For now the mens hair is still located in the left wing of the GuRL 6.