GuRL 6

Friday, June 30, 2006

Yay it works now !

Here's that July thing I was talking about earlier :P
I also included a picture of some of the color blends you can make with the easy tint option - just click your hair and walllah ... options!! so far my favorite is lavender on natural red yay.. yeah yeah i know could do it all without easy tint but the color menu pop up thing is so much fun , sol rocks ! LOL.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sneak Peek @ July & more babbling...

*** Ack for some reason its not uploading the pictures -- will try again later --- but for now you can click right here to see it YAY lol***Sometime tomarrow I will be packing up June and putting out the all new Limited Edition July Hair. Thank you to everyone who purchased the June hair, and for those that haven't.. only a few more hours til' it is gone from the store :P I actually ended up making TWO different hairs for july because the first one I made .. didnt feel July'ish enough for me :P So after packing it and making the ads I decided to can it. Maybe will release it some other time. July makes me think of barbeques and pigtails and just over-all fun hair that is usually pulled up or away in some form because of the heat. My original July hair was more of formal feeling hair that didnt really didnt end up to be what I wanted for july. So here is its replacement !! FLEXI double ponies with knots . I also decided to use that nifty little color change with popup menu script that I picked up from sol the other day. This means your hair is so easy to tint. Of course before all you had to do was go into the modifying options , but for some people - edit mode is a skeery place - so this easy tint feature makes it so simple to just click and flip through the pop up menu to add a little flavor to your look. I tried so many colors on so many different shades its fun to see what kinda interesting shades you can come up with against various textures. My favorite hairs to tint were the " dirtier white" from the mocha pack, " creamy blonde " from the sunshine pack , " blondenblack" from the " party pack" and " natural red" from the " heat pack". Also shown in the july ad is the infinikini from Celestial Studios.. I was having so much fun making different colored bikinis and then matching up the hair with them :P If you dont have the infinikini , your really missing out , not only does it give you so much variety in one pack it is also letting you feel like your very own bikini designer !! Yay ! Those must have shorts were in a freebie pack from Naughty Designs - I am not sure if there still in there but they are by far one of the best freebie Items I have ever come across !! Perfect for any backyard bbq :P !! Also the Skin I'm wearing is from Naughty Designs by Lost Therian. I buy skins like constantly but I'm super stuck on this one for a while now. Its been the only skin that has managed to get me out of my standard chip midnight skin for more than a day !! They are both my favorite now :P And you cant see my feet butttt... Im wearing Feri's Oi Boots with white laces.. they have been like on my feet for weeeeks now.. again , the first shoes to get me out of my space boots in a long long time. Yesterday I put out a bunch of hair at Dreams Anubis' new mall in UNLIMITED. You guys should really check it out.. lots of cool stuff all under one roof and designed in a very uncommon way .. instead of shopping by designer , you shop by department.. all the designers stuff is all kind of mixed in together in different departments like shoes, clothes, hair.. and several if not most have something in each dept.. very very cool one stop shopping kinda place. Its got Artilleri and lollypop and canimal and so many other must shop at shops :P Anyways thats all my babbling for now .. Happy July to you !

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Getting ready to put out 5 New Styles !

These will be up in about an hour - 4 flexi styles and 1 static ! Hope you likey them !!!!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

6 New Hair Releases (3 Static 3 Flexi)

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Gotta Love the Sandboxes.. NOT lol

Because of the volume of hair I " toast" ( a special hair texturizing process ) I need to use sandboxes because the land I rent doesnt have enough prims for me to do it there . Any of you that have ever spent more than 5 minutes in a sandbox knows that it can be an " experience" lol . Just the other day I was posting on a thread in the forums on how its so irrelevent... all this discussion about the new registration process and how people need to be protected from all the dirty stuff in second life... i was like who cares about them .. PROTECT MEEEE from the storm trooper dorks !!!! rofls. I think people think I was just joking .. but loooooook I have PROOF LOL !

Friday, June 23, 2006

3 New Flexi Wigs YAYYY ( and some other stuff. )

Foxy, Tied up and Bauchnable. Bauchnabel means BELLYBUTTON in german before you ask ! LOL. Yeah it makes no sense for the hair but I like the word :P All three hairstyles are flex, all come in the standard flexi pack choices of Heat, Candy, Seduction, Sunshine, Party & Mocha with 4 colors in each pack and all 3 sizes in each color.

I have been getting lots of suggestion for the way the flexi pack colors are set and some requests to have them rearranged a little. When I first started making flexi hair I was only doing it in a few colors then kept adding more as I went along. This lead to a sort of potpourri of packs - some of you like this - some of you wanna poke me with a stick :P But... help is on the way ! I am in the process of revamping the packs and adding about 20 more colors to the flexi hair packs.

Soon my flexi styles will be available in the same pack choices as the non flexi hair ( the 40 colors seperated into packs of 5 with packs like " blacks" " brunettes" " dips" etc.. ) . Its taking a little while to set that up but I promise its coming soon !!

In other news I have put some jeans out in the Sassy Gear section of the store 2 seperate packs ( one natural and one colors ) there are 8 pairs of jeans in each pack for 199L . I have also added some extra color choices to the " Stripper Heels".

I know I said I would have a clothing line for you guys this summer but with the introduction of the flexi prims I was a bit distracted so hopefully I will be getting on track with all that stuff again soon.

Clothing is definitly not my strong point but I LOVE clothes and cant wait to start learning more and more about the process and getting these outfits that I have started uploaded and on the floor. My boyfriend promises to give me some major photoshop lessons so I might hold out til I get those , that way I am making sure I am presenting you guys with the best I can possibly do !

ALSO - another suprise in store for you guys is I am having the shop rebuilt soon , very very soon ! Something stylish and less looking like the roof was blown off like it does now LOL. It was supposed to be done this weekend but I might hold off a little bit. Anyways thanks for checking these out and have a greattttt Friday !

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Cheerleading for Pixels in Pink !

I wasn't able to get on a team for the relay for life , just didnt find any group members ( I'm not much of a leader and most of the friends I have were already on teams so I decided to throw my support at the other teams for this worthy cause of Relay for Life. Garbage Prototype of the pixels in pink team now has all the [Random] special relay goodies in front of the GuRL 6 store along with a donation cannister. So please donate if you can when your popping by the store or purchase one of garbage's special relay for life items ( theres hair, a sexy dress, mens undies ) as 100 % of the proceeds goes to relay for life. Other members of garbages pixels in pink team include Elikapika Tiramesu, Torrid Midnight, Hosequeen Mcleen , Zyrra Falcone and Starley Thereian.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

3 New Hairstyles @ GuRL 6

Situation Normal - Bombshell - Tart Too. Situatuion Normal is a flexi faux hawk, Bombshell is a static hairstyle - kinda old fashion , kinda formal and Tart Too is a spin off of the Tart hair released earlier this week, its shorter and has different styled bangs but the hair concept is the same. ( See pics of bombshell and Tart Too below this posting. )

Bombshell Hair

Monday, June 19, 2006

Tart Flexi Hair Now Available

Friday, June 16, 2006

New Flexistyle " Shout" Available now .

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Shorter version of bounce now up @ euphoria island.

New Flexi Hair Yay

Sunday, June 11, 2006

2 New flexible wigs :)

Minxish and Notice. Notice is an updo that comes with 3 seperately attaching peices. There is the basic updo with pushed back bangs already attached to it, then you have long hair attachment for the back that is flexible .. for when you feel like wearing your hair half up half down.. and finally it also includes extra bangs for those of you that like a little bit more forehead coverage ! Yay Hope you likey.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Weekend wall sale and NEW flexi do's

Sisterhood is now available @ GuRL 6 hair warehouse in euphoria island... also some old faves on the far right hand wall ( actually the entire wall there.. look for the signs ) is on sale for 125L. :) Dominik Placed out some guy hair, its not flexi this time.. a little too short of a style for it to have much an impact anyway. But you can check those ones out here. Its been a pretty crazy weekend so far and its only saturday.. I've vented some of my frustrations on people taking wayyy advantage of the new hair for noobs program.. you can read my rant here, No ones replied to it as of yet , so I guess other people arent feeling the sting as much as much as me with all the new alts in game but ahh well.. for now the program remains.. Id really hate to have to give it up out of just plain being burnt out on it.. so i am keeping it going for now and trying to think of ways to lighten my load on it .. perhaps having a slightly slower turn around time from when i get the vouchers to when i send out the hair. Right now I am sending them out twice a day i might have to scale back to once a day or every other day if it keeps being this demanding :(

Thursday, June 08, 2006

New Flexi-Style with a BONUS size :P

So I figured it wasnt crazy enough doing just small, medium and large sizes.. for the " Drive" hair I decided to toss in a size that is fitted for a furry avatar head YAY. Available now @ GuRL 6 Hair Warehouse in Euphoria Island. I doubt I will continue with adding the extra size just wanted to see if its helpful to anyone , so feedback pleasey THANKS !!!

New Flexi-Style with a BONUS size :P

So I figured it wasnt crazy enough doing just small, medium and large sizes.. for the " Drive" hair I decided to toss in a size that is fitted for a furry avatar head YAY. Available now @ GuRL 6 Hair Warehouse in Euphoria Island. I doubt I will continue with adding the extra size just wanted to see if its helpful to anyone , so feedback pleasey THANKS !!!

2 new flexi hairs :)

Monday, June 05, 2006

More Flexi Hair.. YAY.

Tilted Hair @ GuRL 6 ( Yes its flexified :P )

Flexi Pony " Hitze" Available Today.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Lots and Lots of New Hair.

NINE new flexi hairstyles hit GuRL 6 today. 4 of them are for men and can be seen here. Theres one very super duper flexi guy style called wired that comes only in black and is only 75L. Fitch is kind of a laid back guy look right now available only in a light pack a dark pack to come very soon. Master is a pony hair kind of reminded me of a pirate hair lol. Then boss is just a very long mens style looks a lil vampy to me. 5 New female hairs shown here in the blog. Muffy is a shorter version of the buffy hair . Jynx is a short with a color change barett. Cherish is another short look also squeeky is another shortish one but more of a bob cut. Cruel intentions is the long one in the set. Wiggles may very on all the styles so try to demos to find the ones with the flows you like ! :)

Friday, June 02, 2006

The Flexible Stable Pony - Now Available

Thursday, June 01, 2006

NEW hair ! Yayy LOL.

New Flexi Wig

Annabanana in 6 packs of 4 , yay ! The jacket I'm wearing in the ad that I LOVE is Pollyesther's Letterman Jacket made by the talented Antonia Marat. Pollyesthers is an adorable shopping center located above the clouds in Ear. They just recently renovated and so its even MORE cute !! Its also loaded with great shops , when I am looking for something cute to wear I always go there first! The skirt you can barely see is out of the tripple threat pack from the New Zero shop next to Pixel Dolls. I must admit that I was so skeptical about flexi hair and was pretty against it LOL but there is now over 10 flexible styles at GuRL 6 although I still anticipate soon people will be so sick of even hearing the word flexi ! :P Again I say that it is not my sole purpose to whip out flexible styles. Some hair just wont look right with those squares and cylinders no matter what !! Like I said before Im not setting out to make a flexible hair style when I am making the hair. I just make hair like I always do and if it can accomadate some flexi prims I'll do it. <3