GuRL 6

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Cheerleading for Pixels in Pink !

I wasn't able to get on a team for the relay for life , just didnt find any group members ( I'm not much of a leader and most of the friends I have were already on teams so I decided to throw my support at the other teams for this worthy cause of Relay for Life. Garbage Prototype of the pixels in pink team now has all the [Random] special relay goodies in front of the GuRL 6 store along with a donation cannister. So please donate if you can when your popping by the store or purchase one of garbage's special relay for life items ( theres hair, a sexy dress, mens undies ) as 100 % of the proceeds goes to relay for life. Other members of garbages pixels in pink team include Elikapika Tiramesu, Torrid Midnight, Hosequeen Mcleen , Zyrra Falcone and Starley Thereian.


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