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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Weekend wall sale and NEW flexi do's

Sisterhood is now available @ GuRL 6 hair warehouse in euphoria island... also some old faves on the far right hand wall ( actually the entire wall there.. look for the signs ) is on sale for 125L. :) Dominik Placed out some guy hair, its not flexi this time.. a little too short of a style for it to have much an impact anyway. But you can check those ones out here. Its been a pretty crazy weekend so far and its only saturday.. I've vented some of my frustrations on people taking wayyy advantage of the new hair for noobs program.. you can read my rant here, No ones replied to it as of yet , so I guess other people arent feeling the sting as much as much as me with all the new alts in game but ahh well.. for now the program remains.. Id really hate to have to give it up out of just plain being burnt out on it.. so i am keeping it going for now and trying to think of ways to lighten my load on it .. perhaps having a slightly slower turn around time from when i get the vouchers to when i send out the hair. Right now I am sending them out twice a day i might have to scale back to once a day or every other day if it keeps being this demanding :(


At 4:42 PM, Blogger Tori Heart said...

Im so sorry people are taking advantage of your kindess Six *hugs*
I know when i started out i wanted new hair and as i couldnt afford any right off the bat I was grateful to you for giving me it.
I know there are 1000's of people that felt the same, so try not to let th0se people get to you. You have helped so many people get started .
I think you work so hard too , on top of running this program too.If you need any help Im here for you =)
, ~*Tori*~

At 3:45 PM, Blogger Lizbeth Marlowe said...

Aww Six that sux! Seriously, I send a few noobs your way every month, it would be sad to see you stop the program. What IS it with the "entitlement" attitude of so many in SL? I know, I's a reflection of FL but it makes me sad.

I hope this will pass and that you are able to continue, but I'll completely understand if you pull the plug. All it takes is ONE asshole to muck it up for the rest.

So damned sorry.


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