GuRL 6

Thursday, June 01, 2006

New Flexi Wig

Annabanana in 6 packs of 4 , yay ! The jacket I'm wearing in the ad that I LOVE is Pollyesther's Letterman Jacket made by the talented Antonia Marat. Pollyesthers is an adorable shopping center located above the clouds in Ear. They just recently renovated and so its even MORE cute !! Its also loaded with great shops , when I am looking for something cute to wear I always go there first! The skirt you can barely see is out of the tripple threat pack from the New Zero shop next to Pixel Dolls. I must admit that I was so skeptical about flexi hair and was pretty against it LOL but there is now over 10 flexible styles at GuRL 6 although I still anticipate soon people will be so sick of even hearing the word flexi ! :P Again I say that it is not my sole purpose to whip out flexible styles. Some hair just wont look right with those squares and cylinders no matter what !! Like I said before Im not setting out to make a flexible hair style when I am making the hair. I just make hair like I always do and if it can accomadate some flexi prims I'll do it. <3


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