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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Celebrity and stuff!!

Its FLEXI , but the flex effect are only on the whispys on the sides and back.. its very subtle but still noticable ! Added black cherry to the brown pack ( Seduction Pack ) by popular demand. 4 packs of 4 are in the store now on this style ! I am trying to rearrange its all crowded with hair again , hair hair hair busting at the seems hair LOL. Soooo something must be done !! I havent decided which hairs will be cleared out yet but somethings gotta give :P Some styles will move to the graveyard soon ... which means they will be discounted and put in a vendor behind the store, while others will just be pulled from the shelves all together and discontinued so I will give you all a heads up on that of course ! Its May 28th which means theres only 3 more shopping days to pick up the hair style called " May" before its taken out of the store. June will be released as May is removed. Celebrity hair inspired by Celebrity :P who encouraged me to make a follow up to the Milan hair and I believe this is that follow up. Flexi hair everywhere , I think were all getting a little better at it and the flexi hairs will be improving as we all get use to working with the new prims ( well new for hair use anyway :P ). My first couple ( Wiggles and Vanity ) were pretty much just checking things out. I really was happy with shiver but again hadnt quite followed the direction I wanted. I think boogie is where I started understanding things more so hopefully they will just keep getting better. I am going to relax now and just focus on creating hair that inspires me rather than just spitting out random flexi-doos. I will be trying to incorporate the new flexi feature in any style that it works in, but I am not going to be forcing them in where it just doesnt make any sense. Anyway rambled rambled and rambled on enough<3


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