GuRL 6

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hugs N Kisses From GuRL 6

Some funky Ponies for your thursday morning YAY!! XOXOXO is available in the usual smaller pack release 4 packs of 4. I currently have 2 different pack set ups 1 is the mega packs in which you get 5 shades per pack and there are 8 packs to choose from. Hair that has alpha textures and things I have to do by hand I put out in the smaller releases of 4 packs of 4. If you have a favorite shade that is being excluded from the smaller release hairs please let me know and I will see about working it in !!! Small medium and large sizes for each color in each pack. I am really getting used to doing this now so its no problem to continue producing newer hair in the 3 sizes. I would really like some feedback in world or on here on which size you find least useful etc.. I wish I could get a good feel for the size that fits people best or is easiest to modify from then I could make your packs less crowded up with extra sizes. It would be so awesome if all the hair makers and all the customers could come up with some sort of head size standerdization. Problem with that though is forhead slope and all that crap still come into play so I guess it would not make much difference and adjustments will ALWAYS be necessary for some people. (( Outfit credits - Shirt from Glitterbugz, it really is one of my favorite corsettes to wear and the skirt is from torridwear and the skin im sportin' is a hosie one!! The hairties are color changable on command as usual as well !!! <3 {Packs are 195L or you can get all 4 Packs for 599L)


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