GuRL 6

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

3 New Releases YAY!!!! ANDD Hair Fair Group has a healthy outing.

After a lenghty discussion on Vaginosis or something in our popular hair fair group channel several of us ended up at the GuRL 6 in Euphoria Island for a relaxing game of " letschop eachothersheadsoff". The chopping thingie is still out in front of the store with a disclaimer sign
" warning this is really icky" LOL. Be sure to check it out !! I picked it up at YadNi s CRAZY TECHS Group Exhibit , its made by Gurgon Grumby. Its totally disgusting but the animations and sounds are so detailed and cool you really dont care LOL !!! NOW FOR THE HAIR YAYYY: Georgia Peach ,( Ty to Celebrity for assisting me with that name :P ) a big bushy pony with color change hair ties (( Outfit from Artilleri )). Platonic , a long straight messy style with color change baretts (( Outfit from Torridwear)). Babydoll , short messy honey buns (( Outfit from Pixel Dolls )). All 3 of these styles are sold in 4 packs of 4 and all the packs include small, medium & large sizes to fit you easier !!


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