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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

HAIR of the MONTH Club

Introducing a brand new feature at GuRL 6 called the " HAIR of the MONTH Club". I will be releasing a hair exclusive to each month , named after each month , that will only be available in its release month. After that it will be pulled from the shelves !! " May"shown left is selling for 195L and contains not one, not just two but THREE sizes to help fit you better. Each pack contains 5 shades and there are 8 color assortments to chose from. An optional pink hair flower and color changing headband are also included. Available now at the GuRL 6 Warehouse & Boutique in Euphoria Island. In other news I have put a 3 hairstyles at the GNUbie store in indigo for 1L. The " Boyfriend" hair, the "Superstar" hair and 3 color choices from the hair " Pout". When you meet newbies I really suggest sending them to this store , its so organized, clean and full of goodies !! (( Outfit in this ad is from Celestial Studios ))


At 8:52 AM, Blogger Tori Heart said...

very nice Idea six :)


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