GuRL 6

Saturday, May 06, 2006

New Hair Releases & Other Updates

Releasing 3 new hairstyles tonight : Provoke ( Clothing in Ad by Artilleri ), Unrestricted ( Clothing in Ad by Sweet Leaf ) and Bite ( Clothing in Ad by Simone) Nothing too complex , simple styles. These are being sold in packs of 2 ( 8 packs to choose from) of course small and large sizes are included !! There are several different ways I pack hair as all of you probably notice by now lol.. but there is a method to it(At least from now on lol ) . If the hair is just a single texture I provide mega packs ( 5 per pack, 8 packs to choose from ) Specialty hair, hair involving mulitple textures I usually release them in lower doses and kind of pack them up in different ways. Everything packs are available on all of the releases tonight as well as demos. The GuRL 6 Boutique ( Future home of the GuRL 6 clothing line ) is currently a spot hosting new release hair products only. New releases are still on the main floor too. Hair is still of course my main focus but I am currently working on poses, animations , clothing, shoes , jewelry and other accessories at this time as well. So hopefully it wont all suck YAY lol.


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