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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

SneakY PeekY & How things are going

As promised heres just a lil tiny peeky of whats going on at SOON TO COME GuRL 6 Boutique. Now that the Warehouse is fully operational, me and dominik can just take our time and make something fun out of the boutique. I was so inspired by all the cute stores I visited and decided to make the boutique look more like a real store since I've never had and never will have room to do that with the Warehouse (with as many boxes as there are, its just not practical ). The boutique has several sitting areas with shelves and mirrors and lots of fun things. I must admit its really so much fun to be able to decorate and make things for a store without worrying about how I am going to place 50 bazzillion hair boxes in it. I really hope you guys will like it. We're taking our time with it so I will keep you updated on the progress :) Working on it and also hair and shoe and clothing products at the same time. The newbie program has been really rockin and keeping me busy lately , which is great.. every hair that we save from icky avatar appearance hair makes it all worth it. I had such an interesting customer that came in last night that was trying out demos to figure out which hair to pick for her free new hair. First off she IM'd me completly appauled that the demo's were green LOL. Next she IM'd to say that I had stolen her avatar hair from her and left her bald. I explain in detail... well over 30 minutes of detail .. on how to replace the bald wig with her previous one. She decided she would perhaps picket my store for charging 1 linden dollar to make her bald... LOL. AHHHHHHH customer service .. GOTTA LOVE IT !! To update lol.. she later figured out how to change back and sent me her selection card for her free hair :)


At 12:13 PM, Blogger Tori Heart said...

very pretty so far ! Love all the Pink colors =D

At 11:13 AM, Blogger Kalley Koala said...

LMAO.. you have to love the "angry" noobs. lol.. I get yelled at all the time for selling them "that dam box that keeps popping onto my head" so I've had to make a notecard with instructions on how to unbox items and drop it to them everytime someone has that issue.


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