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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Guess Whos Been Shopping !! ANDDDD Something else too!!

I was taking a break from box stuffings last night and decided to check out the SL Fashionista Blog when I saw some cute new gear from Indie Boys are Neurotic. So I played hookie and went off on a shopping spree that lasted the rest of my evening in world and continued on when I logged back in lol . After picking up the clothing you see to the left I headed over to Pollyesthers. If you haven't been there, its filled so many adorable little shops its all retro and charming you will love it . There is even a lil mini GuRL 6 at Pollyesthers also !! Anyways after picking up some funky accessories I headed over to Deimos Boardwalk to pick up some decor for the all newwwww ( drumroll... LOL ) GuRL 6 Boutique ! DONT yell at me yet.. lol.. no we are NOT moving or changing anything at the warehouse , it will remain them same. The only difference is when you arrive at the GuRL 6 Warehouse you will have the option to Teleport up to the Boutique. This store above the clouds is going to carry all the latest released GuRL 6 hair and accessories. The Warehouse will still hold the entire GuRL 6 collection , the boutique wont change that. Just for the first week or so after items are released the will be up in the boutique. This is mostly a service to regular customers or those in the update group and those that check the forums and just want to come in and get the newest items. :) I will post some pictures up here later and let you guys know when its ready !!

Hair shown in the picture is " Lately" and you can pick up the complete 11 pack by visiting the store or clicking here to pick it up on SL Exchange. The boots are available in a quite a few different flavors @ GuRL 6 and the umbrella was purchased at Empirium Emporium .


At 5:18 AM, Blogger Celebrity Trollop said...

Yay!!! Indie Boys is super cute store!! Glad you liked it too. :D

At 7:08 AM, Blogger Tori Heart said...

You look so cute in all the new clothes =D
Glad you took some time for your self Six !

At 8:50 AM, Blogger Six Kennedy said...

Yayyy thank you guys and that store rocks.. I love the skirts they are all low rise skirts and I really hate high wasted ones LOL. Plus the shirts are adorable, and jeans..and just the whole vibe of the store its made so cute.


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