GuRL 6

Friday, May 12, 2006

NEW HAIR YAY and other fun stuff * SALES*

Stellar Hair will be available Saturday Morning @ GuRL 6 Hair Warehouse in Euphoria Island. Hair Idea courtesy of Lexi Morgan of Stellar Designs. The hairties and beads in front are color changable and the beads in back are silver/tinfoilish . ( of course the hair is modify so you can recolor those ones two if you wish!! ) I am also wearing her new PUNK'D outfit which is soooooooOOO cute!! This hair is available in 14 colors , seperated in to packs of 2.. SMALL , MEDIUM AND LARGE sizes available in all.. 195L Or you can pick up the everything pack for 999L - Group members you know the deal 600L for you on the everything packs if you direct buy from me on Saturday !! Just message as usual ! Or request one of the packs for 150! Demos are available in store !! Also starting Saturday The " Excess" Hair series ( I, II & III) will be available on sale up front for 125L. ANDDDDDD I am also knocking 50 percent off the Tres hair variety pack for the weekend so that makes it 299!! Yay ( see entry below this one for details on that hair. )


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