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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Shiver 2.0

Today I released a second version of shiver as well as an all new pack choice for the flexi hairs. Shiver 2.0 does not have the long piece of hair that went across the chest, it also has slightly different bangs and I added alpha layers to the flexi hair in the back for a different look than the shiver. Some people prefered the long hair in front some didnt so now everyone has the option to choose YAYY lol. If you are one of those that were unhappy with the piece in front you can IM and get this version in the pack you already purchased at no extra charge. This offer only applies for the next 2 weeks so beep at me soon ! So far the flexi hair has been available in the following packs :

Sunishine Pack : Golden Blonde, Dirty Blonde, Light Blonde & creamy blonde
Heat Pack : Black , Natural Red, Strawberry & Strawberry Blonde
Seduction Pack : Black Cherry, Chesnut, Light Brown & Toast
Party Pack : Rebel ( BlackNRed), Cotton Candy , LightblondNpink, LIghtblondNblack

Shiver is also available in the following 2 new packs

Mocha Pack: Honey, DarkBrown, Wicked ( auburnNgolden), Dirtier White
Candy Pack: Candycookie (black/Dirtywhite), Candyblack (Pink/black), Candyblue3(Blue/black) & candygold (black/goldenblonde)

Demo's are available and you can also pick up an everything pack of all 24 colors for 785L


At 5:51 PM, Blogger Wanda Rich said...

will you be re-making the celebrity hair as well?
None of the sizes fit without a big blob poking through my left eye :(


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