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Monday, May 29, 2006

Three new styles and other stuff !!

Here are my latest 3 styles.. all have flexi parts incorperated into the wig. Each come in 5 packs of 4 ( small medium and large ) added a new pack choice to the existing ones on the other flexi styles : The mocha pach - has dirtier white, dark brown, wicked mix ( elextra/goldenblonde), and Honey. Those were the requests I recieved from the last time I asked.. so keep those suggestions coming on if I am not including one of your favorite colors in the packs. Well I dont need to discontinue any hairs just yet.. I expanded the store last night , so much more room and plenty of room for new stuff which is what my problem was before. ( We'll see how long this lasts LOL ) come check it out :)


At 2:22 AM, Blogger Tori Heart said...

Woo Gurl, the store looks awesome!
And the new hairs are so pretty.Oh and Six?


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