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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

June has arrived!

Well today is the LAST day of May , which means the hair of the month " May " will be retiring at the end of the day. This is pretty hard for me since as you can tell if you visit my store I am such a packrat of things I make. Alot of people as they improve want to get rid of all there first things which is natural and SHOULD be done LOL. But for some reason even the first hairs I ever made in textures that were not so hot, I have a hard time letting go of them to say be gone and banished to the inventory forever and ever. But.. that is what exactly will be done with may tomarrow. June is ready to get in and take May's title , though. Its flexible and long and comes in 20 colors seperated in to 5 packs of 4. Also, besides a fancy new tin foil hat.. Dominik has a new mens flexi hair available at the store , you can check that out here. <3


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