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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Rant of the day...

Ack ! Another report of stolen property being sold in SL. Its just so depressing, not that today wasnt depressing enough ( dont ask LOL ) but to go to the forums also and read about yet another person screwing it up for people again. Those skin makers are like magicians , especially Chip Midnight and the person that got ripped off recently, Lost Therian. I'm sure theres alot of people that prefer fully handpainted skins , I am not one of those people. I think people that hand painted clothes & skins are awesome too , and I LOVE hand painted clothes ( done well ) its just not what I care for in a skin. I love the photorealistic skins and for the people that snicker and say thats just copy and paste . Oh PUHlease. I , like most people, wouldnt know where to begin with it.. not to mention the precision it takes to execute such a flawless result. Even saying that makes me tired : LOL. Anywayz it just bites.

And then the forums.. man sometimes I really regret reading them. I never gave a flying flip about reading the forums but then I started posting products, and looking at other peoples products then finally made over to being one of those people that actually posts general. ( I know ! I never thought it would happen LOL ) I would say for the most part people on the forums are fairly constructive , some very funny, some clever, some helpful or cause you to think about something or be aware. There are then the other people that are just plain negative. They are the first people to reply to a noob with unhelpful snotty stuck up answers and act like they are doing someone a favor , a favor they hate doing. Why even reply? I will NEVER understand that, those ppl that will chime into a post just to go " what? i dont understand , speak english".. when 10 other ppl have already been smart enough to figure out what the person meant and responded and helped the person.. so theres like no need for them to even reply other than to see their name on the thread . Blah. Anyways.

I've been told by my boyfriend and many of my other friends to not look at the forums new products because it too makes me all bugged LOL... Watching people charge rediculous prices for things and that alone wouldnt bother me , to each their own , its the ones that say ONLY , its ONLY 5 million dollars for this sock, ONLY. The ones that actually go out of their way to make it sound like they are offering a bargain when they are really really offering the opposite of a bargain ( is there a word for that? ) Okay again, anyways.

Ive had a crappy day and decided to vent about these things rather than what really bothers me the most. But these things DO bother me too :P


At 1:52 AM, Blogger Tori Heart said...

*hugs* Six Im sorry there are people like that on the forums and else Where too.
I hope you day is better tomorrow Ill be in game to bug ya as alwasy and maybe make ya smiles with My goofyness (Is that a word?) LoL
Anyway Just remember for all those meanies out there there are double the amount of nice people Like you and Dom!

At 8:10 AM, Blogger Celebrity Trollop said...

The opposite of a bargain is called a "ripoff!"

*hugs* Sixer.


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