GuRL 6

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Lots and Lots of New Hair.

NINE new flexi hairstyles hit GuRL 6 today. 4 of them are for men and can be seen here. Theres one very super duper flexi guy style called wired that comes only in black and is only 75L. Fitch is kind of a laid back guy look right now available only in a light pack a dark pack to come very soon. Master is a pony hair kind of reminded me of a pirate hair lol. Then boss is just a very long mens style looks a lil vampy to me. 5 New female hairs shown here in the blog. Muffy is a shorter version of the buffy hair . Jynx is a short with a color change barett. Cherish is another short look also squeeky is another shortish one but more of a bob cut. Cruel intentions is the long one in the set. Wiggles may very on all the styles so try to demos to find the ones with the flows you like ! :)


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