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Friday, June 23, 2006

3 New Flexi Wigs YAYYY ( and some other stuff. )

Foxy, Tied up and Bauchnable. Bauchnabel means BELLYBUTTON in german before you ask ! LOL. Yeah it makes no sense for the hair but I like the word :P All three hairstyles are flex, all come in the standard flexi pack choices of Heat, Candy, Seduction, Sunshine, Party & Mocha with 4 colors in each pack and all 3 sizes in each color.

I have been getting lots of suggestion for the way the flexi pack colors are set and some requests to have them rearranged a little. When I first started making flexi hair I was only doing it in a few colors then kept adding more as I went along. This lead to a sort of potpourri of packs - some of you like this - some of you wanna poke me with a stick :P But... help is on the way ! I am in the process of revamping the packs and adding about 20 more colors to the flexi hair packs.

Soon my flexi styles will be available in the same pack choices as the non flexi hair ( the 40 colors seperated into packs of 5 with packs like " blacks" " brunettes" " dips" etc.. ) . Its taking a little while to set that up but I promise its coming soon !!

In other news I have put some jeans out in the Sassy Gear section of the store 2 seperate packs ( one natural and one colors ) there are 8 pairs of jeans in each pack for 199L . I have also added some extra color choices to the " Stripper Heels".

I know I said I would have a clothing line for you guys this summer but with the introduction of the flexi prims I was a bit distracted so hopefully I will be getting on track with all that stuff again soon.

Clothing is definitly not my strong point but I LOVE clothes and cant wait to start learning more and more about the process and getting these outfits that I have started uploaded and on the floor. My boyfriend promises to give me some major photoshop lessons so I might hold out til I get those , that way I am making sure I am presenting you guys with the best I can possibly do !

ALSO - another suprise in store for you guys is I am having the shop rebuilt soon , very very soon ! Something stylish and less looking like the roof was blown off like it does now LOL. It was supposed to be done this weekend but I might hold off a little bit. Anyways thanks for checking these out and have a greattttt Friday !


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