GuRL 6

Sunday, July 30, 2006

New Flexi Style

Butterfly is available now , its flexi and easy tint ! The black with blonde tips is still only available as a bonus in the everything pack. The back of the hair this time is fully flexi for extra bouncy fun !!! :P The top is seperated in two honey buns with loose pieces. In the ad I'm wearing a top from Winter Moon and my always on Tutu from Torridwears New Zero Collection.

Friday, July 28, 2006

August is coming !

Limited Edition hairstyle " August" will be available at GuRL 6 from Aug 1-Aug 31. Its a Flexified pony tail that is easy tint, with a color change on command hairtie. August will be available in the usual 8 packs of 4 each with small, medium and large sizes in each pack. I have also included the black with blonde tips tint as a bonus color to the everything pack of this style. The Limited Edition July hairstyle will be coming off the shelves for good as soon as this one is up so just a few more days to pick that one up before its gone for good :P In the August Ad I am wearing a tank top from winter moon that I got when i went to pick up arbel's new anime school girl outfits that are just so dang cute.. the star hip tats are from Digital dragon destigns and the tutu skir is from the Tripplethreat pack from the new zero store!

GuRL 6 Logo Contest Winner !

And the winner is... Princess Pierterson , her logo shown left. I receieved so many enteries and this was really such a hard decision!!! I want to thank everyone that participated in the contest and all the hard work that everyone showcased. It was so cool to see how many interesting ideas everyone had and as part of appreciation I am sending all contestants a notecard in world that they can redeem for a free everything pack of their choice from the new releases building as well as 100L. I didnt mention this as part of the contest but really felt like I needed to do something to show you all how greatful I am for your participation. Congratulations again to Princess Pierterson who recieved 10,000L and will be recieving everything packs of all my new releases that I make from today until the avatar six kennedy finally hangs herself from a rope braid !! LOL !

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Auction Winner Isabella Lazarno

I have been fortunate enough to spend some time with this wonderful lady, Isabella Lazarno, that donated 35,000L to Auction held by Relay for Life for an exclusive custom hairstyle from GuRL 6. It was an absolute pleasure to work for her , she was very clear and specific about what she was looking for in a style and provided a picture. In the past when doing some suggested hair its always difficult if the person is like.. " bangs, yeah I like some bangs.. but not too many .. but not too little, but to the left.. but not way far to the left .. etc ect " you get the point lol. Working with Isabella was not this way. After I finished the initial prototype of the design based on the picture sent, I sent it her way and asked for feedback before I finalized the hair. She was very clear on what else was needed. She was also able to pick out whichever color's she wanted including custom tints or tips. There was only one custom shading arrangement she wanted which was basically the opposite of my blonde with black tips. I really like the way that color turned out and plan to add it as a bonus in the " Everything Packs" of future hairstyles until it finds a pack of its own :P Isabella also sent me a wonderful thank you note after I sent her the final product !!! We got together this morning to take pictures and she Really makes this hair look great !! With all due respect to the organizers of the Relay for Life Event, and all their hard work they put into bringing this cause to the forefront of SL and all the designers that donated time and hard work, it is the " Isabella's" of SL that made it such a success. Those that gave from their heart for items worth far less than they paid for them in the name of Charity. Thank you , Isabella !

Monday, July 24, 2006

Centerfold - The Remix !

In the past I've had several requests for me to release "Centerfold" in more than just the one color that it comes - Well here is a remixed version of that centerfold.. revised a little in style, flexified and available in all 32 colors. This hair is also easy tint enabled :) Im wearing the Pixels in Pink Swimsuit by Torridwear in this ad. Hair is available now @ GuRL 6 Hair warehouse in Euphoria Island.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

GuRL 6 Updates

First of all Congratulations to Isabella Lazarno for being the winning bidder of the Exclusive custom hairstyle from GuRL 6 with a generous bid of L$35,000!! I am so excited to get started on this hair ! The auction was a whole lot of fun , I didnt win the Kiari animation I was shooting for but I DID win a pair of Sylfies " hope" Pink Stillettos, YAY!!! Stroker took home the big prize of the purple Dominus Shadow, for a 400K Donation.. WHOA! The logo contest is coming to a close only 2 more days for people to turn in their enteries . Ive received so very many and they are all soooooo wonderful , this is going to be a very difficult decision. The winner will be announced on July 28th! In hair news .. Ive revamped the dipped pack quite a bit, new alphas and tip colors have been slightly changed.. the new boxes will reflect the changes. I will be adding some more pack colors very soon so if you have suggestions of colors or dips or tints you'd like to see be sure to drop me a note ! The 4 new styles listed below go off their debut sale of 100L per pack tomarrow, however will remain discounted and be placed on the middle upper wall of the new releases building for 150 per pack tomarrow!!! Thats all for now , more to babble about later I'm sure !

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Special Sale this Weekend on 4 New Flexihairs !

Lipstick Too, Fresh, Bits and Flossy. Packs for these 4 new hairs are only 100L each or you can pick up the everything pack for just 500L on any of them as well. Lipstick too was made by request from people wanting a little bit more forehead frienly version of " lipstick". All hairs are easy tint ( except for lipstick ) and the headbands on fresh are color change on command. ! IN the ads I am wearing : Fresh: Clothing by Indie Rainbow - Lipstick Too : Clothing by Callie Cline - Bits : Clothing by ETD- Fossy : Clothing by Indie Rainbow and super cool backpack by dreams anubis. I can be seen in all the ads wearing my antonia marat tats, plus those new hip tatoos I am sporting are by digital dragons !!! The sale on these hairs is this weekend only ! Hope you LIke !! Also dont forget to check out the Relay for life Auction (landmark available in my store in front of the new releases building) , where you can place a bid to have an exclusive custom hair by gurl 6 along with bid on many many one of a kind items. Its for a great cause guys !!! Have a good weekend !

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Something BiG @ GuRL 6

"Ride" a brand new flexi hair at gurl 6.. super flexi - uber sexy and available now in the new release building !! The hot new outfit in the ad is by Marina McCann. I messaged Celebrity of SL Fashionista last night and asked her for any scoops on something extremely hot to wear for my new ad and she turned me on to this , I hadnt been to Marina McCann's shop yet but I am definitly going to have to go there now to see what other hot stuff she has !!! Took a while getting use to taking pictures with the new snapshot system but meh, hopefully will get use to it soon. I've been getting alot of shape requests lately so I am considering doing a line of shapes soon , have quite a lot on the plate right now so we'll see :P

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Relay for life weekend auction

Starting July 21st, Friday – 7pm SL time relay for life will begin its silent auction. People can bid all weekend long on so many special and cool one of a kind items from several designers. You will have the opportunity to officially make me your beyotch - lol no .. not really but sorta :P To benefit relay for life I have donated an exclusive custom hairstyle. This means the winning bidder will get to tell me the exact style they want through pictures of models/celebs /cartoons etc or through vivid descriptions and I will create for them the hair of their choosing. The winning bidder will also get to choose 4 colors they'd like the style including custom tints or dips on one or any of the colors they pick. I will also be doing a custom fitting if the recipient doesnt feel comfortable sizing the hair themself !! The best part is I will only be making one copy of the hairstyle and it will never be sold or given away to anyone else, so it will trully be yours only. If you are interested in coming to bid on this or any of the other wonderful donations for this silent auciton you can stop by GuRL 6 hair warehouse in euphoria island and pick up a landmark to the sim . The lm giver is located next to the new release building and across from the Pixels in Pink display set up by Garbage Prototype. Hope you are all able to make it !! The auction will Finish – July 23rd, Sunday – 4am Sl Time

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bold new hair @ GuRL 6

"Bold" available now in the usual packs ! Its so dang flexi LOL.. the outfit Im wearing is one of the new ones from Canimal and Im also sporting some new Eyebally's from Naughty Designs . The contest is in full swing getting lots of enteries and one of my friends had a concern about a mention I make on the contest rules that said ' all logos sent become the property of gurl 6' let me clarify that by that I mean that you have given me the logo for the purpose of the contest and it will be in my posession. I am not saying that I will then " own" all those logos or use them later or any of that. Only the winners logo will be used and the rest will be deleted. I may like to display a few of the ones not chosen on the blog just to show everyone what a cool job everyone did but will not do that without the permission of the creator. The only logo that I will claim as mine is the one that actually wins the contest and gets the prize. <3>

Monday, July 17, 2006

2 New Releases Flexi Yay

Shameless I wrote about a few days ago but it woundt post ( Crosses Fingers ) *** Ack shameless still wont load but you can see it here ***. Extra I put out this morning , Its a hat/hair and I only have a couple other hat hairs although I love them so much. With hat hairs is so difficult to feel like your not biting someone because all the hats have been done, rags, headbands all done. Like Elika has a beautiful hat/hair called Newsie that I just love to bits ( I will never be that good at hats :( lol ) and kin keiko ( whos hair rocks by the way , I see it everywhere I go on everyone I know and its fabulous !!!!! ) just released a hat hair last week , So I hope people dont feel like I'm way biting by making a hat hair.. even though its a different hat and hairstyle :P . But I guess if we worry with that , we will never relase anything.. so and so put out ponytails last month so I cant do it!!!! LOL.. thats how i use to be .. I cant even COUNT how many times Ive made like braids then was about to post them to the forums and saw someone had just released braids - even though mine are a totally different take on the braids - ive canned the hair to not seem like i bit the style. Me and another hair designer talked about this before - we both use to freaking break our necks to take pictures of our hair and put it on coming soon posters inside the store so that if a coincidence happened we had ours out first lol...but I've realized to not stress on that anymore really and she has relaxed about that too I think. . Just like hair names with so many millions of styles out there , theres bound to be hair names that cross paths. I try so hard when naming a hair to rack my brain to make sure it hasnt been done before, but Im sure it has and in a few instances I know it has. : I mean really what to do in cases like those .. LIke if you always wanted to name something " monkey" but someone else has already used the monkey name , now you can never ever name a hair " monkey" without seeming like a BITER.. lol. For me personally I am as respectful as possible with that if i KNOW of a name that already exsist i dont use it. Obvisioulsy I dont have a catelog of names in exsistense so its just whatever I can think of. Or if someone does some original crazy hair I dont try to go that angle just out of respect for the fact that someone came up with something cool and its theirs. Like toast's poof poof is one of THE hottest styles around , a totally different take on ponytails.. like me i have about 100 pony tails styles but I have never done the upside down cutie cutie ponys that she did in all the styles I made I never thought to do that.. that was truly an original way to make ponies.. so I would never try to do a style similar to that just because I think its cute.. its hers, and thats how I feel about it. Me and Leeky Peeky were talking last night about customers that come to us BOTH.. can you do this style of gurl 6's or to me can you do this style of etd's and were both like NO. Yeah we both probably physically CAN.. but we just DONT. Its ethics and mutual respect. Too bad more people didnt feel that way I guess. Just last night we found out lost had his skins stolen again :( and amby too :( . Blatently obvious rip- offs. The one that ripped them off was the owner of a little mall. Well not much we can do to show our support we need to do what we can. I made sure to ban the names from my store as did alot of other designers .. the peer pressure is kind of like a last stance on all of it . I kidded to elika that the girl that stole her skin being banned from etd is kind of like the ultimate punishment.. what girl would even want to live in sl if they cant access there favorite stores !!! Anyways thats my rant of the morning , hope you guys like the new hairs and wowwww the logos are flooding in dont forget to send yours !!!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Whats New @ GuRL 6 and Stuff

Well I decided to go ahead and put out shameless , flexi, easy tint, ponies.. I was gonna wait for my bigger releases but decided its been a couple days since I gave you something new :P (For some reason Im having trouble uploading snapshots here so I will update this later with those ) So its up and available in the usual 8 packs ! I also put out a new bracelet in the sassy gear building . But this is a SPECIAL bracelet .. since none of my shoes are " sexy walk" enabled I decided to put a sexy walk into this black bangle bracelet so girls without ao's can wear the bracelt with any of my shoes or anyones shoes that dont have that built in walk !! Its a simple, basic concepted bracelet .. but thats how I like my bracelets !!! I have been wearing this thing around for a few weeks now and havent gotten around til selling it til now. I have the same bracelet in silver and dirty gold in store but they dont have the walk. My prims are getting low at Euphoria Island ( imagine that? LOL ) but I have nooooooo intentions of moving my store ! So I still have plenty of room for releases but I decided I'm probably going to have to find another lil spot to work on projects . Me and dominik looked all over the place and my calling card conference gave me the name of lots of places that do land rentals and I contacted all the people online. Me .. Im an impatient girl - I decide I want something and like I want it right now - it was so frustrating trying to contact these land renters that have like 12 officers and NONE of them are online : so I looked at only the places where there were officers available to help and no place really fit the need of what I was looking for. Mainland rentals dont seem to give you the freedom that Island rentals do.. but the island rentals I found were all zoned suburban communities.. not really the kinda of places for me to have to just have plywooded projects going on everywhere . So we finally decided to use dominiks land in ceryisi for our personal sandbox - so that little outlet store is no longer there. He does however still have the space station prefab in the sky and a tp to it from the ground for those people that want to explore it before purchasing. Me and him went over to the pixels in pink shadow auction for a while before SL went down. The bidding was up to like 290K Lindens when sl crashed. I ended up going to bed but saw on the forums that some anonymous bidder ended up getting it for 600K ! Whoa ! But its all for a good cause so YAY. Anyways thats all I have going on now - Ive gotten some enteries for the logo contest and YES.. people CAN send multiple enteries from the same avatar - I will look at each logo as an individual entery so if your kind of split on which one you should send.. dont be ! Send them all :P I am trying hard not to peek at them all :P Im really excited about it though this is gonna be fun ! <3

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Logo Contest @ GuRL 6

GuRL 6 is searching for a brand new logo !!!
Please visit GuRL 6 Hair Warehouse in Euphoria Island for Contest Details !!!! 10,000 linden dollars plus a life time supply of new releases from GuRL 6 will be awarded to the winning logo picked to represent GuRL 6 !! July 25th will be the last date you can enter and there is a notecard available at the main enterence of the store with information regarding contest guidlines and specifications for enteries.. Good luck everyone ! I am looking forward to a new shiny label !!! <3

Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday Flexi Releases !

One- is only sold with the black hair :P its only 150L - Ivy is sold with only strawberry and creamy blonde colors but the creamyblonde is easy tintable 175L - Pupil is sold in the usual new pack set up of 8 packs of 4 shades each for the usual 195L. Small , medium and large sizes in all 3 of the flexi hairs out today ! For the One hair ad Im wearing a top from Boing Fromage and a skirt from Camie Cooper and in the Ivy hair ad Im wearing a latex suit from KDC and in Pupil Im wearing another shirt form boing fromage and the plaid shorts you can barely see are from there too ! HAVE A GREAT FRIDAY !!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

3 New Flexi Wigs !

Danger, Peaches and Bossy. All 3 styles are flexible, easy tint, and available in the new pack set up . Of course all 3 sizes included.. yay ! In danger Im wearing another one of Canimals Awesome Jackets with a Skirt from Camie Cooper and my Antonia Marat Tatoo's. In Peaches I'm wearing a shirt from Wrong with another Skirt from Camie Cooper and Yep my Antonia Tats again :P In Bossy Im wearing a jacket from wrong and also a skirt from there , that you cant really see .. BUT ITS THERE !! And you will never guess where those tatoos are from !!! Anyways I've been out and about shopping as you can tell I'm always cranking out the wigs when theres so much good clothes I find to go with them !!! Have a great Thursday !!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New Flexi Hair !

Rain is available now @ the GuRL 6 Hair Warehouse , it comes in 8 different packs ( the new pack set up ) of 4 each. Of course small , medium and large sizes in each shade ! Its superdeedoopery flexified and easy tint ! The necklace and jacket in the ad are from Canimals and the Tee Shirt is from Launa Fauna (that I picked up in Nakama ) andddd the skirt is from Indie Rainbow.

Monday, July 10, 2006

4 new flexi wigs !

These 4 hairstyles come in the new pack arrangement , all are flexi , all come in the 3 standard sizes in each pack and all of them are easy tint enabled !

Sunday, July 09, 2006

New Pack Set for Flexi Hair

This is the first update, of many to come to the flexi hair pack selection. Some colors that flexi hair was available in before have been discontinued and some new ones added, and packs have been re-arranged per customer demand !! Yep thats right.. I heard you guys.. LOL.. finally moved that black pack out of the reds :P Anyways heres a run down of what you can expect on future flexi releases from GuRL 6 : 8 Packs - 4 shades in each pack ( small medium and large still in each pack ) Packs are 195 and the everything packs are 999 ( that saves almost 600 lindens !!! )

The Rundown:
Sunshine Pack: creamy blonde, lightblonde, golden blonde, lightblondish gold
Midnight Pack: black, blackcherry, rebel, dirtier white
Hotstuff Pack: strawberry, natural red, tangarine, sexy red
Seduction Pack: lightbrown, darkbrown, toast, elektra
Dipped Pack: blackdipped blonde, pinkdipped blonde, pinkdipped black, dipped strawberry
Berries: blue, deeper purple, seduction plum, blueberry
Sugar: cotton candy, vicious pink, electric candy, rasberry lemonade.
Dirties: honey, dirtyblonde, blacklightbrown, blackngold

So thats the new set up ! Hope you like these choices better ! As you can see the candy pack colors have been eliminated , I never really was fully happy with the candy pack colors -- if you really liked these let me know and I will put them on the list to be added back in the future. Wicked, Chesnut and strawberry blonde have all also been eliminated for the time being, again... I never really was too happy with those but if YOU liked em' let me know and I will try to work them in on the next pack update !!

Friday, July 07, 2006

3 New Flexi Hairstyles @ GuRL 6

Bobo, Knockout and Tantrum-- Special thanks to the update group for helping with names this time around since I was braindead after I finished making these. All 3 are Flexified and available in the New Releases building in Euphoria Island. Bobo and Knockout are easy tint yay! Outfit in Bobo and Knockout are from the all new paper couture ! I love that place !! And in Tantrum Im wearing clothes from Camie Cooper of Its all good with Tats courtesy of Antie Marat !!! Lexi, Ariel and Sugar of the update group all won everything packs in all 3 styles for tonites group prize ! Im really digging bobo right now its fun and bouncy :P Anyways if you havent had a chance to come see the new store built by grim and ryleigh please do.. and dont forget to check out the new discount hair building! I am also very proud to announce that Grim Babies now has a little shop in the GuRL 6 Warehouse , come check out there goodies too ~!!!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Iris @ GuRL 6 this morning

Iris is flexified and *easy tint* . Its a little spin off of the Harmony hair . The clothing is by
" Laundry" . Theres so many cute clothes over there at Laundry in Nakama and they are so inexpensive that you can afford them all lol !! Hope you like this <3>

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Anime stuff and a flashback of 2 olderstyles

I've been hanging in Nakama (click that for a perdy snapshot) alot since it opened up yesterday. Was feeling inspired to make a few anime styles but the last couple that I did like "Moon" (Shown left) and " Fan Art" (Shown Below) didnt really seem to reach any kind of audience.. but I had fun making them though and thats what really matters. So I might try my hand at making a few more styles like these in the near future while I'm still feeling inspired. If you like these ones though they are available at the store on the walls .. gosh I really really want to re-organize the store into categories to make it easier for everyone.. thats going to be a HUGE project though so I am kind of waiting til I get settled in RL a little that way I have the time for it .. Right now my time is pretty much limited to smaller projects , like things I can get done in a day.. noob vouchers , creating hair and SHOPPING.. lol. Everything else Like clothes and rebuilding the store has to be on the backburner til I have like a full weeks worth of time to dedicate to it. But anyways , yeah when you go to nakama it really puts you in the mood for crazy hair and big shoes.. now is the time you can whip out your GuRL of the Future Boots as seen on SLX or here on SLB and not look crazy :P . Got them in all the necessary colors that the store too. You can also pick up Moon and Fan Art on SLB. Anyways enough shameless self promotion .. but WAIT thats all i do here LOL.. <3 Hope you all had a great weekend and be sure to go take a peek at that new anime sim.. something at least interesting and different in a world filled with large boxxy clubs and tacky signs <3

Cheeky And Stuff

Cheeky - New Flexi Double Ponytails ! In the advertisement I am sporting a shirt from Launa Fauna that I picked up while cruising around the new sim NAKAMA. If you havent been there.. its a really great anime city. Bunches of fun .. I was flying around in my new flying thingie that I bought there --took a snapshot-- check it out !! Skirt is from the torridwear tripple threat pack and the tats are courtesy of Antie Marat !! Also if you look real close I picked up some way spiffy new eyes in Nakama too from Nephilaine's Anime Skin Store ! Last night was the Pixels in Pink fundraiser party for the Relay for Life campaign in SL, they did such a great job ! The build was BEAUTIFUL , that Genie in a bottle thinger hosie made -- zyrra took it and made it HUGeee ... IT was a total pink paradise ! They gave away some really great prizes including lots of gift certificates and I cleaned up quite a few of em :P so shopping spree for me yay lol. I tried my luck at the auction for this totally awesome pink motorcycle but wasnt as lucky as I was at the raffles :P Anyways I had a totally great time , everyone looked BEAUTIFUL! Hope you like this cheeky hair as much as I do - its super dee dooperly flexi so try it out and prance about ! <3

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Harmony @ GuRL 6

New flexi hairstyle with easy tint " Harmony". Inspired by all the requests for a flexi version of the " Heiss" hair. I do plan on eventually " flexifying" heiss but for now heres this. I was really happy with the flexi in this one so hope you like it. In the Ad the cammo tee I'm wearing is from MT Mimi Thereian's store in Legal Rehab. Its right next to garbage's [Random]. She has the best box ads EVER lol. The skirt is by Indie Rainbow and is also available @ legal rehab.Also garbage has put in a totally cool subway in the underground tunnel, you can see it here . The tattoos are from Artilleri.. I picked those up at that cool new shopping mall I told you about before " Unlimited SMD & Friends". 3 people from the update group won everything packs of this hair by spelling harmony backwards fastest.. something I couldnt obviously do when I was picking the wrong winners LOL ahh well :P It all got sorted out.. I really need to only do contests i know the answers to !! :P