GuRL 6

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Relay for life weekend auction

Starting July 21st, Friday – 7pm SL time relay for life will begin its silent auction. People can bid all weekend long on so many special and cool one of a kind items from several designers. You will have the opportunity to officially make me your beyotch - lol no .. not really but sorta :P To benefit relay for life I have donated an exclusive custom hairstyle. This means the winning bidder will get to tell me the exact style they want through pictures of models/celebs /cartoons etc or through vivid descriptions and I will create for them the hair of their choosing. The winning bidder will also get to choose 4 colors they'd like the style including custom tints or dips on one or any of the colors they pick. I will also be doing a custom fitting if the recipient doesnt feel comfortable sizing the hair themself !! The best part is I will only be making one copy of the hairstyle and it will never be sold or given away to anyone else, so it will trully be yours only. If you are interested in coming to bid on this or any of the other wonderful donations for this silent auciton you can stop by GuRL 6 hair warehouse in euphoria island and pick up a landmark to the sim . The lm giver is located next to the new release building and across from the Pixels in Pink display set up by Garbage Prototype. Hope you are all able to make it !! The auction will Finish – July 23rd, Sunday – 4am Sl Time


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