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Monday, July 17, 2006

2 New Releases Flexi Yay

Shameless I wrote about a few days ago but it woundt post ( Crosses Fingers ) *** Ack shameless still wont load but you can see it here ***. Extra I put out this morning , Its a hat/hair and I only have a couple other hat hairs although I love them so much. With hat hairs is so difficult to feel like your not biting someone because all the hats have been done, rags, headbands all done. Like Elika has a beautiful hat/hair called Newsie that I just love to bits ( I will never be that good at hats :( lol ) and kin keiko ( whos hair rocks by the way , I see it everywhere I go on everyone I know and its fabulous !!!!! ) just released a hat hair last week , So I hope people dont feel like I'm way biting by making a hat hair.. even though its a different hat and hairstyle :P . But I guess if we worry with that , we will never relase anything.. so and so put out ponytails last month so I cant do it!!!! LOL.. thats how i use to be .. I cant even COUNT how many times Ive made like braids then was about to post them to the forums and saw someone had just released braids - even though mine are a totally different take on the braids - ive canned the hair to not seem like i bit the style. Me and another hair designer talked about this before - we both use to freaking break our necks to take pictures of our hair and put it on coming soon posters inside the store so that if a coincidence happened we had ours out first lol...but I've realized to not stress on that anymore really and she has relaxed about that too I think. . Just like hair names with so many millions of styles out there , theres bound to be hair names that cross paths. I try so hard when naming a hair to rack my brain to make sure it hasnt been done before, but Im sure it has and in a few instances I know it has. : I mean really what to do in cases like those .. LIke if you always wanted to name something " monkey" but someone else has already used the monkey name , now you can never ever name a hair " monkey" without seeming like a BITER.. lol. For me personally I am as respectful as possible with that if i KNOW of a name that already exsist i dont use it. Obvisioulsy I dont have a catelog of names in exsistense so its just whatever I can think of. Or if someone does some original crazy hair I dont try to go that angle just out of respect for the fact that someone came up with something cool and its theirs. Like toast's poof poof is one of THE hottest styles around , a totally different take on ponytails.. like me i have about 100 pony tails styles but I have never done the upside down cutie cutie ponys that she did in all the styles I made I never thought to do that.. that was truly an original way to make ponies.. so I would never try to do a style similar to that just because I think its cute.. its hers, and thats how I feel about it. Me and Leeky Peeky were talking last night about customers that come to us BOTH.. can you do this style of gurl 6's or to me can you do this style of etd's and were both like NO. Yeah we both probably physically CAN.. but we just DONT. Its ethics and mutual respect. Too bad more people didnt feel that way I guess. Just last night we found out lost had his skins stolen again :( and amby too :( . Blatently obvious rip- offs. The one that ripped them off was the owner of a little mall. Well not much we can do to show our support we need to do what we can. I made sure to ban the names from my store as did alot of other designers .. the peer pressure is kind of like a last stance on all of it . I kidded to elika that the girl that stole her skin being banned from etd is kind of like the ultimate punishment.. what girl would even want to live in sl if they cant access there favorite stores !!! Anyways thats my rant of the morning , hope you guys like the new hairs and wowwww the logos are flooding in dont forget to send yours !!!!


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