GuRL 6

Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday Flexi Releases !

One- is only sold with the black hair :P its only 150L - Ivy is sold with only strawberry and creamy blonde colors but the creamyblonde is easy tintable 175L - Pupil is sold in the usual new pack set up of 8 packs of 4 shades each for the usual 195L. Small , medium and large sizes in all 3 of the flexi hairs out today ! For the One hair ad Im wearing a top from Boing Fromage and a skirt from Camie Cooper and in the Ivy hair ad Im wearing a latex suit from KDC and in Pupil Im wearing another shirt form boing fromage and the plaid shorts you can barely see are from there too ! HAVE A GREAT FRIDAY !!!


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