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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Cheeky And Stuff

Cheeky - New Flexi Double Ponytails ! In the advertisement I am sporting a shirt from Launa Fauna that I picked up while cruising around the new sim NAKAMA. If you havent been there.. its a really great anime city. Bunches of fun .. I was flying around in my new flying thingie that I bought there --took a snapshot-- check it out !! Skirt is from the torridwear tripple threat pack and the tats are courtesy of Antie Marat !! Also if you look real close I picked up some way spiffy new eyes in Nakama too from Nephilaine's Anime Skin Store ! Last night was the Pixels in Pink fundraiser party for the Relay for Life campaign in SL, they did such a great job ! The build was BEAUTIFUL , that Genie in a bottle thinger hosie made -- zyrra took it and made it HUGeee ... IT was a total pink paradise ! They gave away some really great prizes including lots of gift certificates and I cleaned up quite a few of em :P so shopping spree for me yay lol. I tried my luck at the auction for this totally awesome pink motorcycle but wasnt as lucky as I was at the raffles :P Anyways I had a totally great time , everyone looked BEAUTIFUL! Hope you like this cheeky hair as much as I do - its super dee dooperly flexi so try it out and prance about ! <3


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