GuRL 6

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Harmony @ GuRL 6

New flexi hairstyle with easy tint " Harmony". Inspired by all the requests for a flexi version of the " Heiss" hair. I do plan on eventually " flexifying" heiss but for now heres this. I was really happy with the flexi in this one so hope you like it. In the Ad the cammo tee I'm wearing is from MT Mimi Thereian's store in Legal Rehab. Its right next to garbage's [Random]. She has the best box ads EVER lol. The skirt is by Indie Rainbow and is also available @ legal rehab.Also garbage has put in a totally cool subway in the underground tunnel, you can see it here . The tattoos are from Artilleri.. I picked those up at that cool new shopping mall I told you about before " Unlimited SMD & Friends". 3 people from the update group won everything packs of this hair by spelling harmony backwards fastest.. something I couldnt obviously do when I was picking the wrong winners LOL ahh well :P It all got sorted out.. I really need to only do contests i know the answers to !! :P


At 1:20 AM, Blogger Irishrose said...

Yeah that underground tunnel kicked ass! We were such twins that day, lol.


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