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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Anime stuff and a flashback of 2 olderstyles

I've been hanging in Nakama (click that for a perdy snapshot) alot since it opened up yesterday. Was feeling inspired to make a few anime styles but the last couple that I did like "Moon" (Shown left) and " Fan Art" (Shown Below) didnt really seem to reach any kind of audience.. but I had fun making them though and thats what really matters. So I might try my hand at making a few more styles like these in the near future while I'm still feeling inspired. If you like these ones though they are available at the store on the walls .. gosh I really really want to re-organize the store into categories to make it easier for everyone.. thats going to be a HUGE project though so I am kind of waiting til I get settled in RL a little that way I have the time for it .. Right now my time is pretty much limited to smaller projects , like things I can get done in a day.. noob vouchers , creating hair and SHOPPING.. lol. Everything else Like clothes and rebuilding the store has to be on the backburner til I have like a full weeks worth of time to dedicate to it. But anyways , yeah when you go to nakama it really puts you in the mood for crazy hair and big shoes.. now is the time you can whip out your GuRL of the Future Boots as seen on SLX or here on SLB and not look crazy :P . Got them in all the necessary colors that the store too. You can also pick up Moon and Fan Art on SLB. Anyways enough shameless self promotion .. but WAIT thats all i do here LOL.. <3 Hope you all had a great weekend and be sure to go take a peek at that new anime sim.. something at least interesting and different in a world filled with large boxxy clubs and tacky signs <3


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