GuRL 6

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Whats New @ GuRL 6 and Stuff

Well I decided to go ahead and put out shameless , flexi, easy tint, ponies.. I was gonna wait for my bigger releases but decided its been a couple days since I gave you something new :P (For some reason Im having trouble uploading snapshots here so I will update this later with those ) So its up and available in the usual 8 packs ! I also put out a new bracelet in the sassy gear building . But this is a SPECIAL bracelet .. since none of my shoes are " sexy walk" enabled I decided to put a sexy walk into this black bangle bracelet so girls without ao's can wear the bracelt with any of my shoes or anyones shoes that dont have that built in walk !! Its a simple, basic concepted bracelet .. but thats how I like my bracelets !!! I have been wearing this thing around for a few weeks now and havent gotten around til selling it til now. I have the same bracelet in silver and dirty gold in store but they dont have the walk. My prims are getting low at Euphoria Island ( imagine that? LOL ) but I have nooooooo intentions of moving my store ! So I still have plenty of room for releases but I decided I'm probably going to have to find another lil spot to work on projects . Me and dominik looked all over the place and my calling card conference gave me the name of lots of places that do land rentals and I contacted all the people online. Me .. Im an impatient girl - I decide I want something and like I want it right now - it was so frustrating trying to contact these land renters that have like 12 officers and NONE of them are online : so I looked at only the places where there were officers available to help and no place really fit the need of what I was looking for. Mainland rentals dont seem to give you the freedom that Island rentals do.. but the island rentals I found were all zoned suburban communities.. not really the kinda of places for me to have to just have plywooded projects going on everywhere . So we finally decided to use dominiks land in ceryisi for our personal sandbox - so that little outlet store is no longer there. He does however still have the space station prefab in the sky and a tp to it from the ground for those people that want to explore it before purchasing. Me and him went over to the pixels in pink shadow auction for a while before SL went down. The bidding was up to like 290K Lindens when sl crashed. I ended up going to bed but saw on the forums that some anonymous bidder ended up getting it for 600K ! Whoa ! But its all for a good cause so YAY. Anyways thats all I have going on now - Ive gotten some enteries for the logo contest and YES.. people CAN send multiple enteries from the same avatar - I will look at each logo as an individual entery so if your kind of split on which one you should send.. dont be ! Send them all :P I am trying hard not to peek at them all :P Im really excited about it though this is gonna be fun ! <3


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