GuRL 6

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bold new hair @ GuRL 6

"Bold" available now in the usual packs ! Its so dang flexi LOL.. the outfit Im wearing is one of the new ones from Canimal and Im also sporting some new Eyebally's from Naughty Designs . The contest is in full swing getting lots of enteries and one of my friends had a concern about a mention I make on the contest rules that said ' all logos sent become the property of gurl 6' let me clarify that by that I mean that you have given me the logo for the purpose of the contest and it will be in my posession. I am not saying that I will then " own" all those logos or use them later or any of that. Only the winners logo will be used and the rest will be deleted. I may like to display a few of the ones not chosen on the blog just to show everyone what a cool job everyone did but will not do that without the permission of the creator. The only logo that I will claim as mine is the one that actually wins the contest and gets the prize. <3>


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