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Sunday, July 23, 2006

GuRL 6 Updates

First of all Congratulations to Isabella Lazarno for being the winning bidder of the Exclusive custom hairstyle from GuRL 6 with a generous bid of L$35,000!! I am so excited to get started on this hair ! The auction was a whole lot of fun , I didnt win the Kiari animation I was shooting for but I DID win a pair of Sylfies " hope" Pink Stillettos, YAY!!! Stroker took home the big prize of the purple Dominus Shadow, for a 400K Donation.. WHOA! The logo contest is coming to a close only 2 more days for people to turn in their enteries . Ive received so very many and they are all soooooo wonderful , this is going to be a very difficult decision. The winner will be announced on July 28th! In hair news .. Ive revamped the dipped pack quite a bit, new alphas and tip colors have been slightly changed.. the new boxes will reflect the changes. I will be adding some more pack colors very soon so if you have suggestions of colors or dips or tints you'd like to see be sure to drop me a note ! The 4 new styles listed below go off their debut sale of 100L per pack tomarrow, however will remain discounted and be placed on the middle upper wall of the new releases building for 150 per pack tomarrow!!! Thats all for now , more to babble about later I'm sure !


At 7:59 PM, Blogger Tori Heart said...

So many cool things you are doing six ! *hugs* I would like to see a blonde hair with red tips like you have for the blonde/pink tips color you have ^^
you are awesome Six!


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