GuRL 6

Friday, July 28, 2006

GuRL 6 Logo Contest Winner !

And the winner is... Princess Pierterson , her logo shown left. I receieved so many enteries and this was really such a hard decision!!! I want to thank everyone that participated in the contest and all the hard work that everyone showcased. It was so cool to see how many interesting ideas everyone had and as part of appreciation I am sending all contestants a notecard in world that they can redeem for a free everything pack of their choice from the new releases building as well as 100L. I didnt mention this as part of the contest but really felt like I needed to do something to show you all how greatful I am for your participation. Congratulations again to Princess Pierterson who recieved 10,000L and will be recieving everything packs of all my new releases that I make from today until the avatar six kennedy finally hangs herself from a rope braid !! LOL !


At 10:52 AM, Blogger Celebrity Trollop said...

Cuuute logo!


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