GuRL 6

Thursday, August 31, 2006

More goodies for gurlywood

Just another update on whats going on at GuRLywood - Got " Tickles" boxed up and ready to roll out on friday , its gently flex and easy tint. There are also 2 New boy hairs " Spike and Bonfire" that are also ready to go as well. I also boxed up my " Chilly" sweater wraps.. they flexi and right now I have only started with 2 colors ( peach and grey ) if people like them I will be more than happy to make some more in more colors and patterns and even styles .. but we'll see if its a style anyone even wants first :P. I think we're all set for the party .. we got dominik set up with a holygram pink dj booth for the main stage of the water park , bought some pink champagne too YAY. Remember the party starts at 6pm sl time, but gurlywood will officially open at 1am friday. I will keep gurl 6 in euphoria island open until september second, just in case ppl want to shop in a more quiet non party enviornment of the first :P After that I will be emptying out euphoria island with nothing but moved signs left behind for a good month. Remember if you are someone that keeps new hair for newbies boxes on hand , to contact me so that we can get you an updated kit !!
In ads I'm wearing a Tee by Launa Fauna, skirt by KCD and pendant from canimal.. along with my Lost Thereian skin.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

More Updates from GuRLywood

Finally boxed up "Babe" that will be available up on the opening of GuRL6 @ GuRLyWood on September 1st. Also sent the invitations out today to the party we will be holding at 6pm sl time on friday night. Dominik made a lil jingle for the invites.. he does so much for me and for us all the time , I don't thank him nearly enough so THANK YOU BABY !!! We've also begun work on the " special attraction" for GuRLyWood ( its a suprise ! ) Actually I havnt started working.. Grim and the Crew have lol.. They are also total angels for being able to do this for me on such a spare of the moment , time crunched deal. Dominiks been making tons of bikini's and very slutty panties as well lol.. when boys make underwear you KNOW there gonna be teeny tiny and very exposing LOL. MeriJayne and Kismet Finished up the final touches on the GuRL 6 store than we all played on the roof for a while LOL (Thats also a sneaky peaky at the swag you can pick up on sept 1 only @ GuRLywood ) I've also finally set the Trier Boots out seperately from the trier outfits. I've had a lot of people ask and havent gotten around to it , so there .. one more thing I can cross of my list yay ! They are available in all the same colors they were available in inside the trier complete outfit packs ( Tan, Black, Pink, Brown & Purple )Thats it for now !

( In the ads : Babe : Lifeguard outfit from Mischief , Trier: Borrowed shirt from dominik and undershorts from Stellar Designs )

Monday, August 28, 2006

September Sneak Peek

September hair will be available on Opening day of GuRLywood. Outfit I'm wearing in the ad is from the ( New Zero) . Still Just plugging away on GuRLywood , everything is finally starting to settle down and come together .. Yay. Also just toured Sin City , home to Sinful Shades by Nevaeh Black , built by Grim Misfit and the gang.. its really pretty and dirty and will be opening up in a couple of weeks. I will have a lil outlet there was wanting to do a special Sin City hair but all the images Ive had sent to me or sifted through, theres not a real stand out , iconic hair from that movie or comic or whatever.. if you know of one lemme know !! With the forums closing soon.. Ive peeked around at some of the alternatives .. so far SL-Forums seem to look the most familiar and be the busiest one at least that I've seen. So if I figure it out I will try posting new releases there when were up and going. The weekend was semi-productive.. I have had my head in the clouds this last week and cant really seem to dig in and work .. its a little late for spring fever but I think I have it. Lately when I have been online I've mostly been bugging my friends in Sin City or goofing around at the welcome area .. an area that really isnt all that welcoming LOL. I made some boots that will never see the light of day except on some of my silly friends that dont mind looking like one of santas elfs LOL. Tonite we were goofing around at some "Real Slut " store and I am never NOT shocked at the amount of freaks that go and cyber in the main chat while using all the demo machines in those kind of places.. lol talk about a cheap date ! Anyways we laughed and I think I snorted some orange soda up my nose at some point .. it still burns :P Anyways will keep updating as I do things worth updating on !! <3 Yay.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Grand Opening Gift

On Sept 1st @ 1AM SL time GuRLywood will be officially opening up its doors. I have a special present waiting for you guys inside the new store. All of the items come together in one gift pack for 1L and will only be available on September 1st (After that, all items will be permanantly removed. ) The gift package includes :

GuRLy Hair - 5 Shades Plus an attaching bang piece in all shades.

Pink Shades - Courtesy of Nevaeh Black of Sinful Shades ( who also has a shop on the new GuRLywood Island.

GuRLywood Handbag - Courtesty of Merijayne Hornpipe of Nerdy Birdy ( also has a lil shop on the island. )

Pink Stripper Heels

Pink Star Bikini - Courtesy of Dominik Bauer of Dominik Bauer Creations & GuRL 6

Pink Hoop Earrings

Pink Choker

Pink Bracelets

Pink Diamond Belly Ring

There will also be lots of new items including an all new bikini line from Dominik , hair of course , some jewelry and a few more things -- here's a couple shots of some of the new stuff.. will post more as they are boxed up.

( In ads : Dangle Earrings: Shirt by Dazzle, in Affair : Suit by Mischief, In Apply: Outfit by [Random], in Molly: Outfit by Artilleri )

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Fashion Emergency Group forming up to be something great ! Yay!

Zsa Zsa Withnail made an awesome visual on pxp that describes what the new "Fashion Emergency" is all about. Live help for fashion , as I mentioned earlier. I use to hit up my calling cards for ideas on where to get a certain specific thing I needed for an advertisment.... but now so many of my friends are so deeply involved in their work , I wouldnt feel justified for interrupting them to ask there where i can find a long pink flexi scarf LOL. And any other group I belonged to seem to not be able to suit this purpose either. So what to do wander around from mall to mall and store to store and ack even casino to casino. Sometimes the search button can be an evil thing.. especially when your a hurry and the grid is laggy and its taking you 2 hours to browse through several places coming up empty handed. This is where " Fashion Emergency" comes in.. when you just dont have the time to go through all that and neeeeed help NOW!!! lol. Even with an auto-join honour system I havent seen anyone take advantage of the groups purpose which makes me extremely happy and proud !!! I am so greatful to all the shopping divas that have got on board with this as their knowledge is crucial. If you think you wouldnt be helpful because you only shop a certain genre's or specific stores , your knowledge will be helpful to someone sometime, thats for sure . I think auto join will help the group best serve its purpose as someone who might not have heard of the group , will ask a friend " ugh where can i get those cute lil ugg boots .. I saw them on a girl last week.. cant find them anywhere?" and then that friend in the " know" can simply say .. "look up fashion emergency group and join .. they'll know where to find em". And they will !! <3 Again thanks to everyone sparing a group in the name of averting fashion crisis' everywhere !! LOL.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

And Six Goes Postal... LOL

I'd like to blame this display on PMS or a bad day, but it wasnt a bad day OR PMS. It was me, tired. I dont think I have ever been this snippy to anyone in my life and if I'm wrong for it I'm wrong for it. I mean its really a typical day in day out type scenerio for me but normally I just suck it up but I just Snapped :O Took out the name to protect the .. hmm

[19:29] KT: no u didnt
[19:29] KT: i never got no hair from u
[19:30] KT: i just looked and there is no record of u sending me anything
[19:31] KT: nope
[19:31] KT: none
[19:32] KT: my name is speellled like thisKmpI with a captipl i
[19:33] KT: that is not a l that is a capitol i
[19:42] Six Kennedy: do me a quick favor , resend your card exactly as you sent it
[19:42] Six Kennedy: i will send your hair now
[19:42] Six Kennedy: and check it against what i have
[19:42] Six Kennedy: :)
[19:42] Six Kennedy: there were no notecards?
[19:42] Six Kennedy: im totally clean with none in queue
[19:43] Six Kennedy: thats very very strange
[19:43] KT: i sent u it
[19:43] Six Kennedy: ive sent out over 1000 free hairs to new ppl
[19:43] KT: u accpted it last night
[19:43] KT: when i had sent it
[19:43] Six Kennedy: yes and i processed it
[19:43] Six Kennedy: as i did with all the others
[19:43] KT: i have it saved in my stuff the notecard
[19:43] KT: nope
[19:43] KT: i never got anything
[19:43] Six Kennedy: kmpletely , then please resend your card
[19:44] Six Kennedy: so i can try to find the issue
[19:44] KT: u must have sent to wrong name
[19:44] KT: itsok just dot like liers

( I think this is the point I snapped .. LOL)

[19:44] Six Kennedy: lol
[19:44] KT: i know
[19:44] KT: i know what i sent u and ur saying u sent me it
[19:44] Six Kennedy: i have sent free hair to so many residents, i do it every day
[19:44] Six Kennedy: if yours was not sent , theres an explanation for it
[19:44] KT: u ddint send me nothing and imcalling linden
[19:44] Six Kennedy: if you rsend me your card
[19:45] Six Kennedy: i can tell you what the issue was
[19:45] Six Kennedy: pleas doo
[19:45] Six Kennedy: god bless you please call a linden
[19:45] Six Kennedy: IMMEDIATLY!!!
[19:46] KT: ok isent it
[19:46] Six Kennedy: You can check my blog later for more on this issue !! ive asked you to resend your card youd rather sit and call me a liar
[19:46] Six Kennedy: okay do me a favor
[19:46] Six Kennedy: look at that card
[19:46] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[19:46] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[19:46] KT: did u get it
[19:46] Six Kennedy: do you see the spot that says avatar name???
[19:46] Six Kennedy: its blank.
[19:47] Six Kennedy: when im processing cards
[19:47] Six Kennedy: that is the area i look
[19:47] Six Kennedy: for names
[19:47] Six Kennedy: the spot that says avatar name: ____
[19:47] Six Kennedy: if its blank
[19:47] Six Kennedy: the card is not processed
[19:47] Six Kennedy: im doing 50 of them at a time, daily
[19:48] Six Kennedy: i dont have time to search all over the world for your name if its not where avatar name is... that was the problem.
[19:48] Six Kennedy: but now that you are spamming me with the same blank name card[19:49] Six Kennedy: i dont feel i should have to offer you the same service i do to polite and greatful new citezens , you have been rude since you first sent the card
[19:49] KT: ok its sent
[19:49] Six Kennedy: You just called me a liar, spammed me with 10 cards
[19:50] Six Kennedy: do you realize this is not something that i have to do? something that i do to just help
[19:50] KT: yup

But in the End?

[19:56] KT accepted your inventory offer.
[19:56] IM: KT: ty so much

Im Still a JELLYFISH!!! lol.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Buttery @ GuRL 6

Viewable here and up now @ Euphoria , yeah yeah I know I said no more from me til GuRLywood but :P Im a spaz and we know this LOL. ( Smooth Kill Bill Outfit from Luxe)

5 New releases up at euphoria

Click here to preview :P

Fun Facts on the styles :

Missy : Fully freaking flexi, color change headbands (outfit in ad : Top by Luminosity , Skirt by KCD

Twinkle : Mild Flex , easy tint, color change headbands ( outfit in ad: Top by Celestial Studios)

Rawr: Flexoriffic, touch change headband texture (5 to choose from : Zebra, Cheetah, Wool, Leopard and Plain ) Hair says " no modify" because of the headband script but you can still modify the size of the hair, etc. ( outfit in ad : Dress by Dazzle )

Alarming: Flexi, Easy Tint, Color change hair tie , Free Earrings inside the everything pack. (outfit in ad : Sweater by Luxe )

Laced: Mild Flex, with flexi ties , easy tint, color change ties ( outfit in ad : top and bottom from lucid )

Still working on opening up GuRLywood , just felt like tossing some hair out there since its been so long. Hopefully GuRLywood will be up and running soon YAY.

Other news : Started a group called " Fashion Emergency" its Auto Join and to assist people with finding things they cant find in search .

Fashion 911 Emergency Haver: Hey guys I need find a fuzzy orange pair of leg warmers
Fashion 911 Responders: Here, Here, and Here Has them

I wrote a lil more about it here

Anyways thats all for now <3 hopefully the next time I say anything it will be to announce the opening of GuRLyWood Island.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Creeping out from under my rock...

I havent put anything new out in a little while , just thought I'd let you know what I have been up to. Some of you are aware that GuRL 6 will be soon located in the all new GuRLyWood Sim. Trying to organize everything has been alot of fun but soooper doooper time consuming. Merijayne Hornpipe and Kismet murmoisodufiosachi ( sp? lol) have been HARD at work building an an all new GuRL 6. ( This sucker is HUGE LOL ) The main enterence has two gigantic 10 point stars to hold new releases the rest of the flexi hair is right behind it on a huge wall with room for much much more. To the right is the faithful hair warehouse --bunches of styles! To the left of the main enterence is the mens dept, sassy gear dept and all new dept called gurl 6 classics.. for some of my older but still more popular styles. Some other cool features you will find when gurlywood opens its doors ( very very soon )

** A discount hair building located outside the main gurl 6
** A Newbie Resource Center : Tips for new players , freebies, and notecards of the best places to hit up as a newb ( if you know of a place, or have one of your own that you think is a great place for nooblits to hit up .. just send me a notecard with a landmark in it and it will be added. )
**Outlets for : Grim Babies, Sinful Shades, Feri Beckenbauer Productions, Nerdy Birdy, Lucid, Stellar Designs, Callie Cline, Solur Industries, [Random], Ravenwear , Bebop & Orchids Cyberpunk shop , Dominik Bauer Creations & More
** A fun beach area
** cool city environment with great roads for screwing around.

Really hope you guys are going to like it... I know your getting sick and tired of me constantly moving , but really --- its been all about needing space and now that we have the ulitmate amount of space .. hopefully we found a home for good. Im working on finishing up a few pending new releases that will hopefully be ready in time for the opening.

Those of you that are carrying noobie voucher kits around in your pocket or in your store make sure to let me know to send you the all new updated gurlywood version as soon as we go live ( which is set for Sept 1st -- but looks like we might be finishing up a little early yay ! )

P.S. Noooo it is not the pink utopia you are all probably expecting any island im working on to be .. LOL.. but there is no doubt a fair shair of pink going on :P

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Thanks Everyone and good news...

First of all I want to thank all of the designers and friends that have been so supportive over these last 24 hours. I am very very pleased to announce that Silent Escape has agreed to ( and has done so ) taken down all the items in question. Those of you that have added her to ban lists, please lift them , I accept her appology and believe that this is something she trully will not do again. Again I cant thank you all enough . <3 Six.

A KICK in the stomach.

Working on the new island... talking to owners of freebie places about putting together a resource center for newbies on the new Island. Just kind of directing them to all the helpful places there are out there for noobs. Just finished making the resources sign when I got an IM from my friend Xaria who noticed my hair textures in some shopping mall. Ugh. I thought. But figured its all apart of things, the way they are now and I wasnt shocked. That is, until I got there. Not one not two not 3 but all, yes all of my 32 textures are being used , including an " everything pack" yes, they used the name too :P and whoa thats not enough .. my exact playful extreme hairstyle is also staring me in the face too.. but WAIT... theres more... The person selling them? Well not only is she a recipient of my free hair offer for newbies , she also entered my logo contest, didnt win, but entered and just a few days back I had given her 100L plus an everything pack as just a thank you for entering. I think for the first time ever I let this stupid game make me cry.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Teaser !

4 New Flexi Styles !

All 4 styles are flexi and easy tint and in store now. Click here for a closer view of the styles. In the Siren ad I'm wearing my new Limited Editions "Sans" outfit from Dazzle. In Bully I am wearing the cute new " Raider" outfit from DE Designs.. some of you may notice that " Bully" is looking a lil like my Old Lara, and Lara 2.0.. well its definitly inspired from those styles .. but so completely re-made and changed I decided it deserved its own dang name :P. In the Ad for Modesty I'm wearing a cool new represent shirt from Angry Pink by Pancake Striker.. if you can see the Jeans they are from Mistress of Midnight City. Finally in the Ad for Lady I am wearing another outfit from DE Designs. The chopsticks in the hair on lady and the hairtie in Bully are both color change on command -- that means typing " /6 color ____" so if you use easy tint on your hair, remember its always click hair for tint, and type command for accessories :) Anyways Hope you likey them. Bully is only slightly flexi , just the whispies and tail of the braid. The other styles have flex a little bit more intergrated. Have a great update wedensday !! LOL

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Introducing GuRL 6 Singles & Specials

Because I clearly dont have enough going on :P Ive decided to start making some special packs for both SLB and SLX and possibly for the store eventually. Some Variety Packs, Singles Packs, Special Colors and Remixes in the most chaotic way possible lol. No rhyme , No reason.. just some of my favorites, some new - some old - so be on the look out for those. Singles packs I have put up so far include Butterfly and Brush - Only 5 colors of each so far : honey, black, lightbrown, sexy red and strawberry for 99L each. This will be an ongoing project and like I said it will be so random and FUN! At first I started out putting all my packs on the shopping sites but as time became an issue I switched to only providing everything packs , so that it would at least be convenient for some people that prefer to shop that way. I have been getting requests to put out smaller packs and for me that is so hectic and I probably wouldnt be very reliable at doing it so I decided instead to just start making certain fun packs or singles packs available in my spare time for those not interested in purchasing "Everything Packs". Elika has recently announced on her blog that she will be listing some smaller packs of her styles on the shopping sites , which is awesome !! So for all the " fatpack" haters ... theres definitly some smaller packaged goodies out there for you now !

Monday, August 07, 2006

Brush @ GuRL 6

Flexi, Easy Tint and available now ! I'm wearing a cutie new outfit from Callie Cline in this Ad. Ive been trying to prim- minimize a little at Euphoria Island as I am getting down to the nitty gritty of prims lol.. A move is not avoidable but I have managed to scrape some prims off the buildings to keep us in full swing for a while. Yay. Moving sucks so bad .. the next time I move , I will take my time - the move to Euphoria Island was one of the most stressful moves ... EVER. I had alerted the land owner of my previous store in Ginny that i was going to be moving in 2 weeks.. just to give them a heads up that way they wouldnt be ass-up trying to find a new tenant.. I did this because I was planning to move into another sim and I would have at least a week and a half to set up over there before losing my place .. WELLL.. when that fell through it left me with just 3 days to be completely moved into somewhere new and be operational before my closure in Ginny. So in 3 days I had to find a location, get a whole of a landowner, work out the details , build a store, set up , change landmarks, announce the move etc etc etc.. I never ever ever ever ever ever wanna go through that again on such a rush-rush basis.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

4 New Wigs

All Flexi, All Easy Tint and All Available now , Yay. Mannnn Last night I was not having the greatest time and I was working on a hair that is not apart of this release , I deleted it but it was really really bad.. LOL. it had like 4 honey buns and like 18 chop sticks and it had no real sense of direction -- may release at some other time and call it " under the influence :P ". Anyways in Tangled Im wearing a fun new outfit from Tweet which I picked up in the Boneflower Store. In Promiscuous I am wearing top and bottom from Its All Good . In Bubbles I'm wearing the monroe dress from mistress midnight and finally in the Hanky Panky Hair ad ( Thanks to Merijayne for the snazzy name lol ) I'm wearing a top from canimal and jeans from Its All good. Thats all for now !! Click here for a closer view of the new hairs on the ad I placed in the forums.

Friday, August 04, 2006

AIR Head :P

Well I was snooping in Leeky's Blog.. who was snooping in Willows Blog and found this quiz that tells you what your element is and heres mine :P

.:-What is your true element?-:. -With Anime Pictures and detailed answers-

Your element is Air: Carefree, lovable, fun and childish. Aren't you cute! Your just full of childhood spunk and happiness! Hey who said being young was a bad thing? You have a keen understanding of what's good in life and choose to remain happy rather than get too upset over things. Life is fun, who wants to be troubled by grown-up problems? Being as capable of love as you are you will make a wonderful parent if and when you choose to grow up. Love is a mystery because you only want friends not love interests, games are better than relationships with the opposite sex. You have what everyone is searching for, that so called 'fountain of youth' deep inside. You can come across as naive and childish at times. But who cares what they think, lets go play tag!
Take this quiz!

2 New Styles out !

Betrayal and Faithful. Both hairstyles have touches of flexi and both are easy tint ready !! Betrayal is looooosly based on a suggestion from everyones favorite SL Fashionista, Celebrity. I say loosely because I lost the dang inspiration picture not once but twice.. so just tried to capture the essence even if non specifically so LOL. I will be probably doing another version of Betrayal that captures a lil more of it. In the ads : In betrayal I am wearing a hot new dress from Rebel Hope. The pictures I saw of this dress amazed me and it looks just as good on ! Very very elegant but sooooper sexy ! In faithful: I am wearing the hardcore beater from boing fromage and pair of camo pants from Lucid by Diabolical Volos ( I don't think she has a store up yet but look for it SOON! ) My star hip tats are by digital dragon Designs. Anyways I hadnt done a curly hair in a while because of them being so unfriendly to flexi unless you do the all black look or the curly textures or even alpha pictures of curls ( im so not fond of how that looks ). Anyways instead of having straigh peices of hair flopping about in between the curls, on betrayal I just put the one thick flexi side piece so that when your moving about at least there is a hint of movement in your hair. For Faithful its loaded with little flexi bits , but they are short, because it is a short hair , so it is really subtle effects. Anyways thats todays goodies.. more to come .. ive been slow at toasting -- since the update my mouse is doing something wierd and it makes everything such a pain !! Bah anyways have a great friday and probably hear from me again very very very soon LOL

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

New Mens Flexi Hair Later Today

Dominik will be placing these 3 new mens flexi hairs out later today or tomarrow at the latest !! Ripped, Wave & Drummer will be available in 3 different packs of 4 in the mens building in Euphoria Island - In other News August hair hit the floor today :P