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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Fashion Emergency Group forming up to be something great ! Yay!

Zsa Zsa Withnail made an awesome visual on pxp that describes what the new "Fashion Emergency" is all about. Live help for fashion , as I mentioned earlier. I use to hit up my calling cards for ideas on where to get a certain specific thing I needed for an advertisment.... but now so many of my friends are so deeply involved in their work , I wouldnt feel justified for interrupting them to ask there where i can find a long pink flexi scarf LOL. And any other group I belonged to seem to not be able to suit this purpose either. So what to do wander around from mall to mall and store to store and ack even casino to casino. Sometimes the search button can be an evil thing.. especially when your a hurry and the grid is laggy and its taking you 2 hours to browse through several places coming up empty handed. This is where " Fashion Emergency" comes in.. when you just dont have the time to go through all that and neeeeed help NOW!!! lol. Even with an auto-join honour system I havent seen anyone take advantage of the groups purpose which makes me extremely happy and proud !!! I am so greatful to all the shopping divas that have got on board with this as their knowledge is crucial. If you think you wouldnt be helpful because you only shop a certain genre's or specific stores , your knowledge will be helpful to someone sometime, thats for sure . I think auto join will help the group best serve its purpose as someone who might not have heard of the group , will ask a friend " ugh where can i get those cute lil ugg boots .. I saw them on a girl last week.. cant find them anywhere?" and then that friend in the " know" can simply say .. "look up fashion emergency group and join .. they'll know where to find em". And they will !! <3 Again thanks to everyone sparing a group in the name of averting fashion crisis' everywhere !! LOL.


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