GuRL 6

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Introducing GuRL 6 Singles & Specials

Because I clearly dont have enough going on :P Ive decided to start making some special packs for both SLB and SLX and possibly for the store eventually. Some Variety Packs, Singles Packs, Special Colors and Remixes in the most chaotic way possible lol. No rhyme , No reason.. just some of my favorites, some new - some old - so be on the look out for those. Singles packs I have put up so far include Butterfly and Brush - Only 5 colors of each so far : honey, black, lightbrown, sexy red and strawberry for 99L each. This will be an ongoing project and like I said it will be so random and FUN! At first I started out putting all my packs on the shopping sites but as time became an issue I switched to only providing everything packs , so that it would at least be convenient for some people that prefer to shop that way. I have been getting requests to put out smaller packs and for me that is so hectic and I probably wouldnt be very reliable at doing it so I decided instead to just start making certain fun packs or singles packs available in my spare time for those not interested in purchasing "Everything Packs". Elika has recently announced on her blog that she will be listing some smaller packs of her styles on the shopping sites , which is awesome !! So for all the " fatpack" haters ... theres definitly some smaller packaged goodies out there for you now !


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