GuRL 6

Monday, August 07, 2006

Brush @ GuRL 6

Flexi, Easy Tint and available now ! I'm wearing a cutie new outfit from Callie Cline in this Ad. Ive been trying to prim- minimize a little at Euphoria Island as I am getting down to the nitty gritty of prims lol.. A move is not avoidable but I have managed to scrape some prims off the buildings to keep us in full swing for a while. Yay. Moving sucks so bad .. the next time I move , I will take my time - the move to Euphoria Island was one of the most stressful moves ... EVER. I had alerted the land owner of my previous store in Ginny that i was going to be moving in 2 weeks.. just to give them a heads up that way they wouldnt be ass-up trying to find a new tenant.. I did this because I was planning to move into another sim and I would have at least a week and a half to set up over there before losing my place .. WELLL.. when that fell through it left me with just 3 days to be completely moved into somewhere new and be operational before my closure in Ginny. So in 3 days I had to find a location, get a whole of a landowner, work out the details , build a store, set up , change landmarks, announce the move etc etc etc.. I never ever ever ever ever ever wanna go through that again on such a rush-rush basis.


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