GuRL 6

Sunday, August 06, 2006

4 New Wigs

All Flexi, All Easy Tint and All Available now , Yay. Mannnn Last night I was not having the greatest time and I was working on a hair that is not apart of this release , I deleted it but it was really really bad.. LOL. it had like 4 honey buns and like 18 chop sticks and it had no real sense of direction -- may release at some other time and call it " under the influence :P ". Anyways in Tangled Im wearing a fun new outfit from Tweet which I picked up in the Boneflower Store. In Promiscuous I am wearing top and bottom from Its All Good . In Bubbles I'm wearing the monroe dress from mistress midnight and finally in the Hanky Panky Hair ad ( Thanks to Merijayne for the snazzy name lol ) I'm wearing a top from canimal and jeans from Its All good. Thats all for now !! Click here for a closer view of the new hairs on the ad I placed in the forums.


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