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Friday, August 04, 2006

2 New Styles out !

Betrayal and Faithful. Both hairstyles have touches of flexi and both are easy tint ready !! Betrayal is looooosly based on a suggestion from everyones favorite SL Fashionista, Celebrity. I say loosely because I lost the dang inspiration picture not once but twice.. so just tried to capture the essence even if non specifically so LOL. I will be probably doing another version of Betrayal that captures a lil more of it. In the ads : In betrayal I am wearing a hot new dress from Rebel Hope. The pictures I saw of this dress amazed me and it looks just as good on ! Very very elegant but sooooper sexy ! In faithful: I am wearing the hardcore beater from boing fromage and pair of camo pants from Lucid by Diabolical Volos ( I don't think she has a store up yet but look for it SOON! ) My star hip tats are by digital dragon Designs. Anyways I hadnt done a curly hair in a while because of them being so unfriendly to flexi unless you do the all black look or the curly textures or even alpha pictures of curls ( im so not fond of how that looks ). Anyways instead of having straigh peices of hair flopping about in between the curls, on betrayal I just put the one thick flexi side piece so that when your moving about at least there is a hint of movement in your hair. For Faithful its loaded with little flexi bits , but they are short, because it is a short hair , so it is really subtle effects. Anyways thats todays goodies.. more to come .. ive been slow at toasting -- since the update my mouse is doing something wierd and it makes everything such a pain !! Bah anyways have a great friday and probably hear from me again very very very soon LOL


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