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Monday, August 21, 2006

5 New releases up at euphoria

Click here to preview :P

Fun Facts on the styles :

Missy : Fully freaking flexi, color change headbands (outfit in ad : Top by Luminosity , Skirt by KCD

Twinkle : Mild Flex , easy tint, color change headbands ( outfit in ad: Top by Celestial Studios)

Rawr: Flexoriffic, touch change headband texture (5 to choose from : Zebra, Cheetah, Wool, Leopard and Plain ) Hair says " no modify" because of the headband script but you can still modify the size of the hair, etc. ( outfit in ad : Dress by Dazzle )

Alarming: Flexi, Easy Tint, Color change hair tie , Free Earrings inside the everything pack. (outfit in ad : Sweater by Luxe )

Laced: Mild Flex, with flexi ties , easy tint, color change ties ( outfit in ad : top and bottom from lucid )

Still working on opening up GuRLywood , just felt like tossing some hair out there since its been so long. Hopefully GuRLywood will be up and running soon YAY.

Other news : Started a group called " Fashion Emergency" its Auto Join and to assist people with finding things they cant find in search .

Fashion 911 Emergency Haver: Hey guys I need find a fuzzy orange pair of leg warmers
Fashion 911 Responders: Here, Here, and Here Has them

I wrote a lil more about it here

Anyways thats all for now <3 hopefully the next time I say anything it will be to announce the opening of GuRLyWood Island.


At 7:46 AM, Blogger Dominik Bauer said...

You are so sexy!


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