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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Creeping out from under my rock...

I havent put anything new out in a little while , just thought I'd let you know what I have been up to. Some of you are aware that GuRL 6 will be soon located in the all new GuRLyWood Sim. Trying to organize everything has been alot of fun but soooper doooper time consuming. Merijayne Hornpipe and Kismet murmoisodufiosachi ( sp? lol) have been HARD at work building an an all new GuRL 6. ( This sucker is HUGE LOL ) The main enterence has two gigantic 10 point stars to hold new releases the rest of the flexi hair is right behind it on a huge wall with room for much much more. To the right is the faithful hair warehouse --bunches of styles! To the left of the main enterence is the mens dept, sassy gear dept and all new dept called gurl 6 classics.. for some of my older but still more popular styles. Some other cool features you will find when gurlywood opens its doors ( very very soon )

** A discount hair building located outside the main gurl 6
** A Newbie Resource Center : Tips for new players , freebies, and notecards of the best places to hit up as a newb ( if you know of a place, or have one of your own that you think is a great place for nooblits to hit up .. just send me a notecard with a landmark in it and it will be added. )
**Outlets for : Grim Babies, Sinful Shades, Feri Beckenbauer Productions, Nerdy Birdy, Lucid, Stellar Designs, Callie Cline, Solur Industries, [Random], Ravenwear , Bebop & Orchids Cyberpunk shop , Dominik Bauer Creations & More
** A fun beach area
** cool city environment with great roads for screwing around.

Really hope you guys are going to like it... I know your getting sick and tired of me constantly moving , but really --- its been all about needing space and now that we have the ulitmate amount of space .. hopefully we found a home for good. Im working on finishing up a few pending new releases that will hopefully be ready in time for the opening.

Those of you that are carrying noobie voucher kits around in your pocket or in your store make sure to let me know to send you the all new updated gurlywood version as soon as we go live ( which is set for Sept 1st -- but looks like we might be finishing up a little early yay ! )

P.S. Noooo it is not the pink utopia you are all probably expecting any island im working on to be .. LOL.. but there is no doubt a fair shair of pink going on :P


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