GuRL 6

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

4 New Flexi Styles !

All 4 styles are flexi and easy tint and in store now. Click here for a closer view of the styles. In the Siren ad I'm wearing my new Limited Editions "Sans" outfit from Dazzle. In Bully I am wearing the cute new " Raider" outfit from DE Designs.. some of you may notice that " Bully" is looking a lil like my Old Lara, and Lara 2.0.. well its definitly inspired from those styles .. but so completely re-made and changed I decided it deserved its own dang name :P. In the Ad for Modesty I'm wearing a cool new represent shirt from Angry Pink by Pancake Striker.. if you can see the Jeans they are from Mistress of Midnight City. Finally in the Ad for Lady I am wearing another outfit from DE Designs. The chopsticks in the hair on lady and the hairtie in Bully are both color change on command -- that means typing " /6 color ____" so if you use easy tint on your hair, remember its always click hair for tint, and type command for accessories :) Anyways Hope you likey them. Bully is only slightly flexi , just the whispies and tail of the braid. The other styles have flex a little bit more intergrated. Have a great update wedensday !! LOL


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