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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

And Six Goes Postal... LOL

I'd like to blame this display on PMS or a bad day, but it wasnt a bad day OR PMS. It was me, tired. I dont think I have ever been this snippy to anyone in my life and if I'm wrong for it I'm wrong for it. I mean its really a typical day in day out type scenerio for me but normally I just suck it up but I just Snapped :O Took out the name to protect the .. hmm

[19:29] KT: no u didnt
[19:29] KT: i never got no hair from u
[19:30] KT: i just looked and there is no record of u sending me anything
[19:31] KT: nope
[19:31] KT: none
[19:32] KT: my name is speellled like thisKmpI with a captipl i
[19:33] KT: that is not a l that is a capitol i
[19:42] Six Kennedy: do me a quick favor , resend your card exactly as you sent it
[19:42] Six Kennedy: i will send your hair now
[19:42] Six Kennedy: and check it against what i have
[19:42] Six Kennedy: :)
[19:42] Six Kennedy: there were no notecards?
[19:42] Six Kennedy: im totally clean with none in queue
[19:43] Six Kennedy: thats very very strange
[19:43] KT: i sent u it
[19:43] Six Kennedy: ive sent out over 1000 free hairs to new ppl
[19:43] KT: u accpted it last night
[19:43] KT: when i had sent it
[19:43] Six Kennedy: yes and i processed it
[19:43] Six Kennedy: as i did with all the others
[19:43] KT: i have it saved in my stuff the notecard
[19:43] KT: nope
[19:43] KT: i never got anything
[19:43] Six Kennedy: kmpletely , then please resend your card
[19:44] Six Kennedy: so i can try to find the issue
[19:44] KT: u must have sent to wrong name
[19:44] KT: itsok just dot like liers

( I think this is the point I snapped .. LOL)

[19:44] Six Kennedy: lol
[19:44] KT: i know
[19:44] KT: i know what i sent u and ur saying u sent me it
[19:44] Six Kennedy: i have sent free hair to so many residents, i do it every day
[19:44] Six Kennedy: if yours was not sent , theres an explanation for it
[19:44] KT: u ddint send me nothing and imcalling linden
[19:44] Six Kennedy: if you rsend me your card
[19:45] Six Kennedy: i can tell you what the issue was
[19:45] Six Kennedy: pleas doo
[19:45] Six Kennedy: god bless you please call a linden
[19:45] Six Kennedy: IMMEDIATLY!!!
[19:46] KT: ok isent it
[19:46] Six Kennedy: You can check my blog later for more on this issue !! ive asked you to resend your card youd rather sit and call me a liar
[19:46] Six Kennedy: okay do me a favor
[19:46] Six Kennedy: look at that card
[19:46] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[19:46] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[19:46] KT: did u get it
[19:46] Six Kennedy: do you see the spot that says avatar name???
[19:46] Six Kennedy: its blank.
[19:47] Six Kennedy: when im processing cards
[19:47] Six Kennedy: that is the area i look
[19:47] Six Kennedy: for names
[19:47] Six Kennedy: the spot that says avatar name: ____
[19:47] Six Kennedy: if its blank
[19:47] Six Kennedy: the card is not processed
[19:47] Six Kennedy: im doing 50 of them at a time, daily
[19:48] Six Kennedy: i dont have time to search all over the world for your name if its not where avatar name is... that was the problem.
[19:48] Six Kennedy: but now that you are spamming me with the same blank name card[19:49] Six Kennedy: i dont feel i should have to offer you the same service i do to polite and greatful new citezens , you have been rude since you first sent the card
[19:49] KT: ok its sent
[19:49] Six Kennedy: You just called me a liar, spammed me with 10 cards
[19:50] Six Kennedy: do you realize this is not something that i have to do? something that i do to just help
[19:50] KT: yup

But in the End?

[19:56] KT accepted your inventory offer.
[19:56] IM: KT: ty so much

Im Still a JELLYFISH!!! lol.


At 10:18 PM, Blogger Elikapeka Tiramisu said...

You're a stronger woman than me...because not only would she/he/it have been muted...but they would have been banned indefinitely. I don't have time for silly games like that. As if getting a free hair isn't good enough for her...she DEMANDS it?! OHHHHHHHHHH PLEASE!! I mean seriously.....she acts as though this is her God given right to get a free hair from you. And by you requesting additional info....apparently she's going way out of her way. UGH!!! Sometimes I wish I were a guy. I just want to say "suck my dick" sometimes and for them to totally understand what those words are implying.

You know....I, just like you, try my hardest to give as much as I can to my customers....special discounts, special bargains...but you makes me sooooooooo bitter when people start demanding something from me...when I'm already going out of my way to do the favor.

In anycase....yes you jellyfish!! :P <3 You're still too nice...which is why people like that piss me off...they don't target the mean ones...they target the nice ones.

At 2:12 AM, Blogger Willow said...

LOL Six,

Like Elik said you are a stronger woman than I, I would have told her to shove her hair up her pixel ass and ignored her completely.

They DO target the nice people, which is kinda sad, cos then the nice people get all GRRRRR!

I know how it goes lol, anyways, you were the bigger person, you win, we love you. KUDOS!


At 4:27 AM, Blogger Dani said...

you are a sweetheart! :-) I wish I had an ounce of you patience. The minute she called me a liar that would have been the end of the conversation, especially after she spammed me with notecards. I am also grateful that I have not encountered people like her in my store.......yet.

At 8:15 AM, Blogger Eponine said...

Six - you are a saint. It always amazes me how people can become butt-heads to those trying to help them.

I would have banned and muted the jerk the second she called me a liar.

At 12:31 PM, Blogger Aleri Darkes said...

I guess i dont understand what she was thinking... You dont OWE anyone in this game a free hair, you are simply a nice enough person that you happen to give them out to new residents! I cant imagine behaving that way... Im somewhat of a jellyfish myself at times, and ive really tried to work on that because its true that ppl seem to know that we are nicer and then try to take advantage of that. Anyway keep up the good work, and dont let ppl like that get you down, because in the end you are helping tons of new residents who appreciate it!


At 2:46 PM, Blogger Tori Heart said...

OMG! I cant believe this person ...she should be grateful to you for the free thing you are doing and instead calls you names?
Six, you had every right to act the way you did and I don't see it being wrong at all... in fact I dont know how you kept you cool, lol!
I hope you know others really appreciate wht you are doing for them. ***Big Huggies*** !


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