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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

More Updates from GuRLywood

Finally boxed up "Babe" that will be available up on the opening of GuRL6 @ GuRLyWood on September 1st. Also sent the invitations out today to the party we will be holding at 6pm sl time on friday night. Dominik made a lil jingle for the invites.. he does so much for me and for us all the time , I don't thank him nearly enough so THANK YOU BABY !!! We've also begun work on the " special attraction" for GuRLyWood ( its a suprise ! ) Actually I havnt started working.. Grim and the Crew have lol.. They are also total angels for being able to do this for me on such a spare of the moment , time crunched deal. Dominiks been making tons of bikini's and very slutty panties as well lol.. when boys make underwear you KNOW there gonna be teeny tiny and very exposing LOL. MeriJayne and Kismet Finished up the final touches on the GuRL 6 store than we all played on the roof for a while LOL (Thats also a sneaky peaky at the swag you can pick up on sept 1 only @ GuRLywood ) I've also finally set the Trier Boots out seperately from the trier outfits. I've had a lot of people ask and havent gotten around to it , so there .. one more thing I can cross of my list yay ! They are available in all the same colors they were available in inside the trier complete outfit packs ( Tan, Black, Pink, Brown & Purple )Thats it for now !

( In the ads : Babe : Lifeguard outfit from Mischief , Trier: Borrowed shirt from dominik and undershorts from Stellar Designs )


At 1:23 PM, Blogger Dominik Bauer said...

supersexy and supercute baby! I love it ALLLLLLLLLLL! Six Walk.wmv


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